2018 MATRA Tent Show – Why You Should Be There!

Is your calendar marked for the MATRA Tent Show? It should be! Everything you’ll experience from Monday, November 5 through Thursday November 8, 2018 is specifically planned to offer education, networking and the latest and greatest trade show products.

If you’re on the fence about coming out to Hershey, Pennsylvania for this year’s event, first consider why these two tent businesses say it’s a show you can’t afford to miss!

What Nick Deninno of B&R Innovations Has to Say About MATRA…

block and rollNick Deninno, owner of B&R Innovations of Bethpage, New York, has attended MATRA for more than 15 years. He first started attending as a member and is now a sponsor, exhibitor and part of the educational programs. He says the greatest value of the MATRA Tent Show is the relationships. You get to network with your peers in the industry – other tent and event rental businesses as well as businesses who have products and services that serve the tent industry.

“Through the relationships I’ve grown at MATRA, I now have a solid network of people I can call upon for advice in virtually any situation,” explains Deninno. “Also, I walk away with highly qualified leads that often lead to sales within just a few weeks.”

As he puts it, the products are the last focus – it’s the relationships and education that will prove to be invaluable to your business. If you pick up even one efficiency trick from this show – it can be a game changer for your business. Gaining better tools and processes will result in a huge savings that more than covers your investment in the show!

For attendees, Deninno’s advice is to use the schedule planner provided by MATRA. There is a lot to see and do, and different events within the show overlap. Come with a game plan and divide and conquer among your staff.

Also, plan to get there early! The best part of the show is coming for the setup day on Monday. Simply come and watch. As you watch companies set up the tents, you can pick up tips and shortcuts that can be one of the biggest benefits of the show. Additionally, you can get hands on experience from the people who make the materials and equipment – people who are paving the way in the industry. Many vendors will let you do some of the work, essentially teaching you their process!

As for exhibitors, Deninno again stresses the value of arriving early:

“Don’t come in the day of the show. Come in early, go to receptions to network, build excitement for your booth, and have your space ready to go as soon as people arrive, “says Deninno.

Exhibitors can also benefit from becoming a sponsor. Sponsorships begin around $600, making it one of the best investments you can make given how most of the attendees will be your target market.

Be sure to look for B&R Innovations’ outdoor tent at MATRA this year. Come see demonstrations and more!

What John Fuchs of Anchor Industries Has to Say…

anchor industries John Fuchs General Manager of Special Events for Anchor Industries has been attending MATRA for more than 20 years with his first experience being the 1996 show in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. In fact, Anchor is one of the original attendees of MATRA, having attended the very first show and each once since!

As a manufacturer, John shares that in order to get the most out of the show you must view MATRA as an opportunity to meet and network with customers. Don’t come with your focus being on closing the sale. Rather, see this as the beginning of some valuable new relationships that can launch you into your “buying” season come spring. The connections you make at MATRA will set you up for success at future shows where you’re likely to see some of the same faces.

Manufacturers also have a great opportunity to showcase their products on a “big stage” and let customers see first-hand how they’re designed to be used.

“MATRA reinforces best practices and safety,” explains Fuchs. “Tent professionals are able to see and experience correct installation techniques and learn directly from the manufacturer how their products are intended to be used. Not only is this highly valuable for the customer, but for the manufacturer as well.”

John shares some more helpful tips for how attendees can make the most of their MATRA experience:

“Be sure to look at the schedule of events before the show. There are a lot of concurrent sessions so you’ll have to choose the ones you want to attend. You simply can’t do it all!” says Fuchs.

John also encourages tent professionals to view MATRA as a way to celebrate a successful season with your team. The show is a great occasion to bring everyone together in a fun, yet educational environment where you’ll learn a lot and make some memories. He points to the MATRA Games as a prime example of this. Bringing your whole crew to MATRA is a great way to let your employees enjoy the reward for their hard work.

What’s John’s favorite part of MATRA?

“Wednesday is a very cool day. It’s the main day of the show and the energy is incredible. You get to see a lot of presentations and end the day with the awards banquet where you can really appreciate the history of MATRA,” says Fuchs.

Anchor Industries will have a prominent presence at MATRA this year. You won’t be able to miss them in the registration tent. Don’t forget to stop by and say hello!

Ready to Register for MATRA?

MATRA the Tent Show Learn more about the 2018 MATRA Tent Show and plan to register early! You don’t want to miss this incredible display of innovative tent products and tools, and the opportunity to network with tent professionals who are blazing the way in the industry!