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Difficult Tent Installations Made Easier with Tent OX™

By Scott Woodruff / October 2, 2014 /

Tent Installations Simplified If you have been a professional tent installer for many years, you know it is not unusual to be asked to do the impossible.  Perhaps you are forced to park two 24-foot trucks on the street and manually haul the contents  to a backyard, or you need to level a 1% slope using…

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Can the OX Stake Rack improve your labor costs?

By Scott Woodruff / September 18, 2014 /

OX Stake Rack! Another specialized tool in the Tent OX line to help you reduce your labor on large setups. It all started when I was calling on tent companies to talk about the Tent OX and its material handling capabilities. Often, the conversation focused on “How do other people handle stakes”? There are about…

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What Would John Henry Think of the OX Driver?

By Scott Woodruff / July 13, 2014 /

I kind of wonder what John Henry would think of the OX Driver… The tale of John Henry was about the competition between machine and man.  The railroad was starting to develop machines that would reduce their cost per mile to install track by designing machines to perform many tasks. The railroad brought in a…

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Tent OX drives stakes

Driving Tent Stakes: Increase your speed with the OX Driver

By Jay Woodruff / July 10, 2014 /

The Tent OX is by far the fastest tool on the market for driving tent stakes. But even the best operators need to hone their skills to get the last 10% out of the machine.  This training video will help the operator of the OX Driver attachment learn tricks and tips to increased productivity. How…

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Get More Work Done in Less Time With This Capital Investment

By Scott Woodruff / June 29, 2014 /

The Tent OX harnesses the power of a Kubota or Kohler engine and a high-flow hydraulics to perform tasks that would otherwise require many crew hours. The power of the OX is the key to getting more work done in less time.Here’s how: The OX Stake Driver delivers a 75% labor reduction when compared to…

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