Tent OX Helps Organize a Faster Way To Build Tent Cities after Hurricane Harvey

hurricane harvey

Map Courtesy National Weather Service Aug. 28, 2017

Delivering Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), private response tent cities and rental product in the wake of a Hurricane Harvey is proving to be very labor intensive for the tent rental agencies who choose to roll up their sleeves and help communities including Houston and beyond to get back on their feet.

Tent OX is shipping highly mobile, maneuverable and dependable Tent OX Systems and Avant articulated loaders to the Texas Gulf Coast in direct support of commercial tent companies who are working to create a post-hurricane disaster aid infrastructure. The machines, which are shipping today, Tuesday, will arrive on the Texas Gulf Coast on Friday, September 1. They will be used by two companies to support disaster recovery efforts. The first is Festive Tents in Houston, and the second is expected to be announced shortly.

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Hurricane Harvey

Here’s How Tent OX is improving emergency response time

There has been much positive change in the way commercial tent companies have dealt with natural disasters since 2012’s Hurricane Sandy hit. But it still takes most tent and event companies longer to erect entire towns of tents – including big, heavy clearspan structures – quickly enough to initiate crucial emergency services. That’s why Tent OX is getting involved in at least a small way, to help accelerate building of tent cities needed in the wake of Harvey. 

Hurricane Harvey Relief

The Tent OX system and four-wheel articulated loader with tent-specific attachments eliminates hundreds of man hours of work on a typical job by automating major parts of tent setup and installation. Here are its key advantages:

  • The all-terrain OX Fork attachment carries much more. It handles loads up to 3000 pounds at speeds up to 12 miles an hour, compared to crew members carrying carry 80 pounds per trip at a walking pace. It:
    • Unloads 500-pound tent tops and places them exactly where they will be used.
    • Distributes racks full of thousands of base plates, cables, hardware and stakes by taking them from the truck directly to the actual tent site, even tough-to-reach locations.
  • Stake-driving speeds are about 60% faster than current tools being used in the Hurricane Harvey disaster recovery effort. For example:
    • Setting and driving stakes the old way normally requires three crew members and a lot of back-breaking labor, with a stake driving speed of under two stakes a minute. It can be dangerous as fatigue sets in, with constant lifting of heavy hand-held machinery weighing up to 90 pounds.
    • Tent OX easily drives 4 stakes per minute all day long, even into blacktop, with higher safety. It requires only two crew members, neither of whom expends much physical effort, so they’re fresh for other tasks.
  • Tent OX reduces roof panel pulling chores by more than 50% with a OX Roof Panel Puller. OX Roof Panel Puller requires, three or four people, compared to eight or nine using traditional technology. It nearly triples pulling speed, reducing total task time by more than 60%. 
  • OX Fork with a single operator replaces a parade of workers who used to move tables, chairs and other equipment into place. It reduces task time by up to 70%, and reduces crew requirements for the task by more than 70%.
  • OX Hitch and Fork attachments tow and carry gear where trucks cannot go. Outsized all-terrain tires move generators, light towers and portable restroom trailers into tight or soft-surfaced spaces semi-trucks cannot reach. Time savings for this task are estimated at 5% to 9%

When time counts, Tent OX will help Hurricane Harvey crews finish the job faster, expend fewer crew hours

A single Tent OX machine can save hundreds of manual labor hours, so crew can be reallocated to other tasks like beam assembly, standing the arches and installing the cabling.  The overall effect is that it takes far less time completing each tent, so it can be put into service more quickly.

There’s a dollars and sense benefit too for the companies that run these machines. While you’re helping others, Tent OX System helps you by putting more money in your pocket, through a substantial overall reduction in man hours of labor required per tent.  Multiply that impact times the number of tents you would erect in hurricane landing zone, and you can see how the groups that will be using Tent OX will be more productive with it working alongside crews. That will please the FEMA and other disaster support groups who have contracted for the tents, and you’ll increase crew availability for other tasks.

No-cost shipping  and reduced pricing offered to support the relief effort

We have partnered with Avant to offer no-charge shipping for each new machine and attachments purchased, when they are shipped directly into storm-affected areas. Plus, the two companies offer $1000 off the standard pricing for Tent OX Systems purchased for that purpose. Contact Tent OX today to take advantage of this offer before September 15, 2017.