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Improve Jobsite Safety

Improving Jobsite Safety 

The Tent OX machine and attachments are designed to improve jobsite safety for the operator and workers.

Operator Safety – The operator inside the cabin has an unrestricted, 360° field of view. The operator’s seat is positioned in the front of the machine where he can effortlessly oversee the operation of various attachments.  It is easy to see where he is going, and what he is doing.

Load Safety – Tent OX is engineered with safety in mind.  The machines was designed to have a built-in fail safe should its load limits be exceeded.  The hydraulics enforce those limits by not allowing the machine to lift a load heavier than what it is designed for. Just another function to keep operators out of harms way.

Ergonomics – The skills required to pilot the loader and use the Tent OX tools are very logical and come naturally to most.  The cockpit is ergonomically designed and all controls are well-positioned. Engaging tools like the OX Puller and OX Driver is by way of a push-activated button on the top of the joystick, which gives the operator instant on/off control.

Hydrostatic Transmission – The hydrostatic transmission guarantees smooth and disciplined driving. The machine can be controlled with high precision both on low and higher drive speeds.

Worker Safety – Every Tent OX tool is designed to be operated without other workers near moving parts.  Even tasks as complicated as driving stakes into blacktop allows the person feeding the stakes to get clear of the safety zone prior to the operator engaging the OX Driver.


The tent ox tools eliminate certain tasks that will serve to reduce the incident of Workers compensation claims over time.
OX Driver – Eliminates lifting power tools and sledge hammer work, and the fatigue that accompanies it
OX Puller – Eliminates pinch-points common to stake pullers
OX Pusher – Allows the operator and machine to replace up to 6 men (depending on size tent) pulling the center pole
OX Hitch – Eliminates the need for crew to manually roll trailers or generators when the truck is not available
OX Hook – Keeps the hands away from pinch-points when hooking and unhooking concrete ballast blocks

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