Introducing the Tent OX System’s newest, biggest machine: 800 Series

What’s new with Tent OX’s biggest new Avant loader?

In a few words, this: Bigger! Faster! Lifts Higher! Lifts More!
If you currently own a 700-series machine and you need MORE lifting capacity, your business will greatly benefit from owning the new 800-series machine to power your new or existing Tent OX attachments.

  • Ideal for 80’-120’-wide pole tents, 40-60 meter structure
  • 4190 lbs lift capacity*: (compared to 3500 lbs* for the 760i)
  • 137” lift height (122” for Avant 760i)
  • 18.5 mph top speed (17 mph for the 760i)
  • 57 hp Kohler diesel (same as 760i)
  • 5600 lbs weight (4420-4640lbs for 760i)

*NOTE: Lift weights shown here are based on static Avant testing criteria. Lift weights on the tent job site may need to be lowered by the operator to enhance safe operation.

Rest assured that if you already own Tent OX attachments, all but one will work seamlessly with the 800-series machine! Only the OX Fork must be upgraded to work with the 860. If you plan to purchase a new set of Tent OX attachments with the 800-series, note that these have been slightly upgraded to accommodate the greater physical force that this larger machine is capable of.

Are you doing a lot of business in large-scale structure or in 80-wide or 100 wide pole tents? And do you frequently log big distances between truck and tent site? Upgrading to the new 800-series machine is going to be your next great investment!

Still have questions? Let us tell you more. Reach out to or call phone 800 878 0065.