Order now to get Tent OX’s new Avant 800 Series loader by Spring

Preorder now to help ensure Q1 2020 delivery

Tent OX will receive TWO of the VERY FIRST 800-series (860) articulated loaders from Avant, and they will arrive in the United States this fall!

Avant's newest loader, the 800 series, is the most powerful and fastest loader used in the Tent OX System. It's designed for high-volume tent installationenvironments

You read that right. A bigger, faster, stronger loader, compatible with your Tent OX attachments, is making its way to the States this fall. But there’s something very important you must know. Avant’s 800-series loader production is just ramping up, and only 42 units will be shipped to North America between November 15, 2019 and the end of spring 2020.
But you must preorder NOW through us to get yours for the 2020 season!
These 42 units must be shared across the U.S. and among different vertical markets. The wait list is expected to fill almost immediately.

How can you get your hands on the 800-series? The answer is Tent OX. One of three machines in the very first container of 860 models will go to Tent OX, and we will be showcasing it at the MATRA Tent Show held in North Carolina from November 4-7, 2019. Our second 860 model arrives two weeks later and will be showcased at IFAI in River Ranch, Florida, south of Orlando, January 22-24. At both shows, Tent OX will demonstrate the 860 with the full set of Tent OX System attachments. It’s the first chance see the full power, speed, and capabilities of this fantastic machine in action, along with other Avant loaders used as the basis for the Tent OX System.

While these two Fall delivery 800-series models are for sale, they are expected to go quickly. The earlier you order, the sooner you will receive your new 800-series machine! Simply put, if you want yours for the 2020 season, please reach out to us now.

Our exclusive preorder program gets you into the seat of the latest, most powerful loader available for the Tent OX System, configured at the factory to Tent OX specifications to match the needs of the tent and event business. With 10% down you will secure your spot in line to be among the very first to own the most powerful Avant loader ever built.

To learn more about our 800-series preorder program, please reach out to us using the button below. Do not delay! With every passing day word is spreading and units are already being snatched off the market.