OX Rack™: A more efficient way to count and carry tent stakes for every job

OX Rack

The OX Rack is a heavy-duty stake transport and storage system that helps keep things efficient on the job as well as back at the warehouse. Its distinctive bulldog shape is configured from the ground up for easy stowage, easy movement and ease of use.

This new design eliminates the need to manually handle stack inventory except when you take stakes from the rack to drive them with the OX Driver, or when you return them to the rack after they’ve been pulled using your OX Puller.


OX Racks ship compactly as shown below.

OX Rack

Each powder coated steel unit takes 30 seconds to assemble the base frame, uprights and nose section. Just slide together; no tools required.

The OX Rack moves and stores easily with a forklift or portable lift, as shown below.

OX Rack

OX Rack: Different design with grab-and-go convenience

Tent OX’s OX Rack looks different from other stake storage designs. That’s because it is designed from its distinctive feet upwards as a more efficient way to stack, store and count stakes.  OX Rack is more manageable and efficient than using big crates of stakes.

Each height of the rack holds an average of 75 stakes, so you can quickly call for as many racks worth of stakes you will need for a job and be on your way.

OX Rack

This two OX Rack-high unit shown can be filled with up to 160 tent stakes. Simply take what you need on the job and leave the rest at headquarters.

OX Rack at Tent Site

At the tent site, you can split up your OX racks and space them around the job site, so they’re readily accessible for both raising and taking down your tents. And it eliminates unnecessary stake handling.

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