OX Driver

Labor savings of up to 90% compared to traditional sledgehammer driving

The OX Driver stake driving attachment for the Tent OX™ System doubles the productivity of your tent crew. Our benchmarks reveal that a single operator with about 3 hours of practice time can consistently drive an average of 30 stakes on a 60-wide top in half the time it takes two people to accomplish the same task  with an Atlas-COPCO driver, a 75% man-hour savings.

Push-button precision

The Tent OX Loader and Ox Driver attachment are designed with precision in mind. It virtually eliminates the potential for bending stakes by applying exactly the pressure required to get the job done. The Tent Ox design also takes away the need for the operator to pick the front wheels off the ground to get a smooth and quick drive. Its 6-function joy stick allows the operator to simply press the button to drive a stake, reducing the potential for mishaps and injuries.

Better geometry means more efficient stake driving

Correct geometry for both the driver on the boom and the length of the driver pin itself allows an operator to continuously operate the OX Driver without stopping for time-wasting positioning adjustments. Tent OX allows the operator to run the stakes into the ground in rapid succession without repeatedly stopping and adjusting positioning.

Tricks and Techniques

Tent OX makes it much easier to lay out each site efficiently for the fastest possible stake driving portion of a tent erection. When the foreman prepares the site properly, the operator can address each line of stakes, moving forward to the end of the row over the newly-driven stakes.  Because you are addressing the stakes in a straight line, there’s no need for the operator to turn or adjust his approach until you reach the end of the first line.
A savvy operator or tent foreman can achieve massive time savings by organizing the site so materials like ratchets, bins and poles are placed so the operator never has to stop and dismount. By noticing every time the machine has to stop, the operator can reevaluate the reason for it and reduce work time for the next job. The more assertive the operator is to train the crew where to place material, the faster the job will go.

Keeping Noise Low

With PA soil conditions (clay and shale underneath topsoil), the OX Driver can pound stakes very quickly (8 – 12 seconds each) at 50% power. It doesn’t matter if the job is on the college commons or in the bride’s backyard: Tent OX won’t sound like a construction zone when you’re using the OX Driver.

Fast Learning Curve

It takes about 30 minutes for new operators to achieve 80% efficiency, driving up to three stakes a minute into blacktop and as many as four into grass. After three hours efficiency can rise to 95%, the and the operator will be piloting the articulated loader and OX Driver like a veteran, driving up to four stakes a minute into blacktop and as many as five a minute into grass. As with all power equipment, some operators can extract more performance from their machinery than others, but it’s so easy to use Tent OX System products that even less talented crew members can nearly match the performance of an expert.

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