OX Hitch

The OX Hitch is a simple attachment that can be installed in 30 seconds that allows the machine to move trailers. The hitch has 5 different attach points: 1 7/8″ Ball, 2″ Ball, 2 5/16″ Ball, Towing Hitch, Pintle Hitch

What can it Move?

  1. Rolling Portable restroom trailers
  2. Generator trailers
  3. Amusement park rides
  4. Concession trailers
  5. Camper trailers
  6. Anything with wheels!

Generate revenue by marketing the Ox Hitch!

Tent rental business is not a charity.  When an event planner has an unplanned generator that needs to be moved on short notice,  steeling the Tent OX™ can be costly, when it is needed for the tent install.  The way to market the OX Hitch is to offer it as a line item cost – on call to the client.  For every trailer pulled when you have the OX on site,  you charge a $100 pull fee.  If the OX is not on site,  the appropriate delivery fee is added to the pulling fee.  If you control the sub-rental of the toilet or generator,  tell the contractor in advance the service is available, and have them agree to take $100 reduction in their bill if they are not going to provide their own specialized equipment to place the generator in the location that is required.

Ground Guide for Safety

During the OX Hitch operation,  for safety reasons,  the ground guide has a critical role of controlling this process. The Oxerator should take his commands for moves from the ground guide, since he can not see over 50% of the trailer movements at the opposite end of  the hitch.

Hitch Ratings and Safety Warnings

The OX Hitch components are designed and sold for the exclusive purpose of positioning trailers, and are not intended for over the road use. The OX Hitch insert is not DOT rated and should never be inserted in a truck or car hitch receiver to be used with a trailer.

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