OX Hook

The OX Hook is a simple attachment that takes advantage of the Tent OX™ System’s capacity to move most common ballast blocks.

“If you are unloading a trailer, stacking blocks two-high on a base plate or four-high in the winter,  the Tent OX System does all the work.”

The Hook eliminates the spinning, allowing the operator to place each block in one move.

Labor impact

The OX Hook yields 50 to 66% labor savings over when you are using a chain, depending on if you are using one person to jump between the trailer and the stacking point, or using one person at each point.  The flotation tires also allow the operator to run at up to twice the speed of a standard forklift, because the forklift without suspension and air tires is jolted at every expansion joint or rough piece of concrete.  Because you are not using a chain,  the block is short coupled to the machine, eliminating the excessive swinging.

Safety Impact

Anytime an operation eliminates the need for someone to climb up and jump off a trailer, or at the other end to climb 3 tiers of blocks to hook the chain on the fourth block high, it is eliminating exposure to falls and twisted ankles.  And the crew members stay fresh to redirect their work to something more productive

Tricks and Techniques

Speed comes from planning out your operation, starting with where to park the truck in relation to the work area.  Since block is loaded from both sides, when possible the work area is directly behind the truck, creating equal distances, and less travel.

Learning curve

It takes about 10 minutes operator time to become 80% efficiency (80% of the speed of the best operator).  At 1 hour, of operator time,  you will reach 100%, and be as fast as you will ever be.  Like all power equipment,  some operators at better than others  (see tricks and techniques above)

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