OX Puller

“Most power pullers require a lot of physical effort and a lot of backing up, which is inefficient.”

The OX Puller requires much less effort, you never have to leave the cab, and you rarely need to back up.  The OX Puller operator can pull an entire tent’s worth of stakes without leaving the cab or breaking a sweat. It’s safer and more efficient.

The Advantage of Smooth Hydraulics

Taking advantage of the articulated loader’s high-flow hydraulics, the OX Puller is easier to control at fast and slow speeds. Operators-in-training will quickly adjust to the range of speed in the OX Puller.

Designed for Exceptional Efficiency

Running the OX Puller is a one-person job.  The operator drives around the tent counter-clockwise on the outside of the footprint.  The puller is offset to the left, and the stake puller opening is to the left. The pulling process is very quick because there is no wasted motion.

Tricks and Techniques

Speed comes from executing the take down efficiently. That means the foreman or operator should train the crew to understand the path of travel of the machine so it can operate without stopping. Because the OX Puller has the stake opening on the left side (and another to the rear), one trick is for the operator to slide, touching the stake until it drops into the opening. As soon as it drops, you press red button on the joystick, and put some up pressure on the boom. Once the stake is loose the boom takes over, and the operator moves his thumb from the red to the white button, recycling the puller into a ready position before moving to the next stake.
On grass we recommend the operator leave the stake loose in the hole instead of dropping it on the ground. The pickup person will not have to lean over to retrieve the stakes, and no stake will go forgotten.  On blacktop, we recommend you fully remove the stake from the bar so the next one does not bind.

Picking-Up Stakes

When the stakes are loose, the operator drops the OX Puller near the trailer tongue, hooks up the OX Forks, grabs a stake bin, and with a partner loads all the loose stakes into the bin. Depending on the configuration of the machine you are using, the OX Rack can be designed to hold between 2,100 and 3,400 pounds.  One well-designed/sized rack should easily be enough for a typical 60 x 130.

Keeping Sound Low

The OX Puller needs on 50% throttle so there’s no need to increase throttle unless you are moving between tents or to the truck.

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