OX Push Pocket

“OX Push Pocket is designed to simplify the raising of center poles. It is similar in function to the OX Push 60, but is capable of managing a wider variety of pole manufacturers.”

The OX Push Pocket makes the task of pushing center pole more efficient and safer than traditional techniques allow.
A carefully shaped cup mounted on the end of the articulated loader’s arm was designed and refined extensively to safely support the bottom of a wooden or aluminum pole. Once in place, a single operator can whisk a pole into an upright position in 20 to 30 seconds. Multiple sizes of OX Push ensure its use on commercial pole tents from 30’ to 100’ wide.


OX Push Pocket: Elegant Safety

The OX Push Pocket is a classically simple, but innovative attachment. In fact, it is the first significant new tool for pushing commercial tent poles of virtually any length aluminum pole without a built-in baseplate that is 6” or less in diameter. Not only does it offer a more reliable and rapid way to push poles, it is demonstrably safer as shown in this video.


OX Push Pocket: Solutions

OX Push Pocket solves three problems that for decades have made pushing center poles a less efficient and safe task than it should be:

  • Assigning several crew members manually to push a pole requires them to support the weight of both the pole and large amounts of fabric. The bigger the tent, the higher potential there is for losing control.
  • Manually pushing a pole is time-consuming and a physical serious test, and few crew look forward to it.
  • An alternative technique – using the fork end of an articulated loader to support the base of the center pole – represents an unstable lifting point where hundreds of pounds of fabric are being supported on the other end. Even when done with caution, if the pole slips off the point, the results can be potentially hazardous. In addition, pole bottoms are almost invariably damaged over this time by the fork, requiring replacement.



OX Push Pocket: Benefits

Use OX Push Pocket to achieve four major benefits:

  • Speed. OX Push Pocket installs in about 30 seconds.
  • Efficiency. A single operator replaces up to four people manually pushing a 60’ wide, and up to 10 people on a 100’ wide.

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