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The more profitable way to rent portable restrooms

As labor costs outpace all the rest of your expenses, it’s getting harder than ever to make a good profit from renting portable restrooms. Until now, the high cost of transporting and distributing units to and from a job site has steadily gotten costlier. And the manual labor required on big jobs costs more too. This limits how much money your company can make on each job.

Do you want to make more money? You can, with Porta OX. This revolutionary materials movement system helps you fill large orders for portable restroom deliveries and distribution much faster from the moment you arrive on site.

Tent OX drives labor costs down, so your profits go up!

Porta OX: first breakthrough in portable restroom deliveries in decades

If you have been renting portable restrooms for a while, you’ll agree that the process for moving and distributing them to big customer sites hasn’t changed much for a while. Actually, it hasn’t changed for decades. As labor costs rise, profits are squeezed a little further each year.

Porta OX changes reverses your profit downturn. Porta OX requires far less manual labor to move portable rest rooms from truck to job site, so your expenses are lower. The result? You earn more money on every job you take.

Porta OX knows that time is money, so it developed a system of storing, loading and distributing portable rest rooms so you can get on and off the job site faster. Instead of man-handling units on and of the truck, and then dragging them to their location on skids, Porta OX moves everything with a machine and fork designed to work much faster through every phase of your operation. Use it effectively, and you can reduce time on the job and pocket higher profits for every job you book.

Four Porta OX secrets for saving time and money on the job

Porta OX, a part of the Tent OX family of products, takes advantage of high-efficiency technologies in use throughout Europe to stage, transport position and remove portable restrooms more cost effectively than before. Porta OX saves on time and expenses in three ways:

  1. Loads flatbeds and trailers faster. Porta OX’s four-wheel-drive articulated loader loads medium to large orders of portable restrooms onto trucks and/or trailers much faster than before. The compact, lightweight loader takes up just two spaces on the trailer or truck full of portable rest rooms for transport to the event site, so you don’t have to budget an extra truck and trailer to haul a heavy forklift.
  2. Cuts truck time on site by up to 2/3rds. Transportation costs are very expensive, and Porta OX reduces them by substantially reducing idle time on site. Porta OX is first off the truck, and it takes only about 10 minutes to unload the entire truck or trailer. That’s a good 20 – 25 minutes faster than traditional methods you may be using today, so your driver can complete more delivery cycles in the same timeframe. When the event is ended, you reap the same savings again, with just one operator carrying out the re-loads.
  3. Distributes rest rooms much faster. The Porta OX operator stays on site with the machine as the truck returns to home base. He or she uses the Porta OX to distribute all the portable restrooms directly from the central point where the trailer is parked to their assigned places, all without the aid of a single additional employee.
  4. Reduces the chance of site damage. Dragging restrooms on skids is a thing of the past when you use Porta OX. It moves units without the operator having to lift much more than a fingertip, at speeds of up to 6 mph over uneven surfaces and hills that can’t be covered easily on a skid. It places restrooms perfectly in a couple of seconds before moving on. Fat, turf-safe tires ensure that Porta OX won’t tear up grass or other delicate surfaces.

Get the right machine for the job

Tent OX, the parent organization, offers multiple machines for differing size portable restroom business applications. For advice on the correct machine for your company, schedule a call online or write us a note. We’ll get back to you with all the details you’ll need to make a decision.

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