Rental Program

Fire Up Your Profits this Winter with the Tent OX Seasonal Rental Program

Are you interested in firing up your profits this Winter season? If you have big event setups scheduled, we have turnkey Tent OX rental systems ready for you to rent, delivered directly to your event location.

That’s right: Tent OX Systems will again be available for rent this Winter, and they’ll be installing structures at some of the most prominent events, including:

  • PGA tournaments
  • Large auto auctions in Arizona and Florida
  • The Rose Bowl and other collegiate bowl games

Why not rent Tent OX for one or more of your major Winter jobs too? It’s easy!

Experience Tent OX Labor Savings without Risk

Rent for the season and leverage the power and profitability of the Tent OX System. There is no risk or further commitment when the rental period ends. Tent OX System rentals often pay for themselves in major labor savings on the first job. The rest of the winter season’s profit can be 100% yours!

Delivered Direct to your Job Location

The Tent OX System delivered direct to your job location with a complete set of attachments, ready for immediate use. You’ll be able to:

  • Drive up to 4 stakes per minute directly into blacktop or any other surface
  • Pull roof panels faster and more efficiently with smaller crews, with more precise movements and less chance of keder damage.
  • Distribute materials like structure parts, rafters, bundles of uprights, purlins, rollbacks of baseplates, cables and hardware in a fraction of the time
  • Maneuver over any surface with power and precision while protecting pristine properties

Your “Secret Weapon” for Boosting Winter Profits

When you rent a Tent OX System this season, you will be using the same “secret weapon” used by many other tent rental businesses to reduce labor costs and complete jobs faster!

All it takes is one phone call to set up your rental and delivery. Within days, you can be sitting behind the wheel of an articulated loader suited with a Tent OX System, ready to reap the benefits of added power and profitability!

Call Tent OX to learn more!