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Tent OX™ 2015 Trade Show Video

For those who missed us at the 2015 winter trade shows, we have posted the Tent OX 2015 Trade Show Video On Line.  The 13 minute loop covers the full range of capabilities that are routinely performed by the Tent OX for the Tent and Party Industry.

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MATRA Show, Hershey
– We had 2 OX Drivers running full time Sunday and Monday for a total of 1500 stakes
– Take down Thursday we ran 2 OX Pullers for 4 hours straight, 4 stakes per minute


IFAI TRD Show, Orlando
We trained about 35 people in a variety of tasks which included:
– Unloading tent manufacturers display tents
– Moving Hertz Generators
– Moving HVAC units on the display tent
– Driving several thousand stakes
– Pulling about 1000 stakes on take down Sunday
– One test driver after doing figure eights said “it is as easy to drive as a golf cart”


ARA Show, New Orleans
– We had a static display in the Construction Area hosted by our joint marketing partner Avant
– We showed the 13 minute video loop in lieu of test driving
– In spite of our remote location,  about 40 Tent and Party companies came by to learn what the buzz was about


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