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Tent OX™ to Increase Profits

Every Tent OX tool is designed to take increase profit by reducing labor man-hours.  It’s about matching up the hydraulic power with a tool that gets the job done from the operator’s console.
Here’s a run down of the labor saving tools

OX Driver – 240 stakes per hour with one operator never breaking a sweat.
15 years ago,  150 stakes on a tension structure would be driven by sledge hammer
Today stakes are driven by Gas, Electric and Air Jack Hammers
The OX Driver is designed for the express purpose of driving hundreds of stakes at a time as efficiently as possible with the operator sitting at the console working the controls.

OX Puller – 220 stakes per hour with one operator.
20 years ago, all the stakes would have been pulled by beating the stake sideways with a sledge hammer
Today stakes are pulled by a combination of lever pullers, walk behind power pullers and forklifts
The OX Puller is unlike any other puller, designed to let the machine do the work while the crew performs other tasks.

OX Push – one machine replaces 4 people on a 60 wide
Today center poles are pushed by a combination of winches, skid steers, pickup bumpers and winches>
The OX Push requires a spotter to set the pole in the holder, and the operator lets the machine do the work.  It can place the base of the pole on the mark with pinpoint accuracy

OX Hitch – Quick and effortless trailer moves regardless of the terrainThe OX Hitch is designed to connect and move all types of trailers up to 10,000#.
Moves Generator, rolling toilet, utility trailer, goose neck trailer,
No longer do you have to take the time to hook up a truck to move a heavy trailer.

OX Hook – A new way to move Concrete Ballast
With the OX Hook,  everything is performed from the machine. (no one needed to hook up and unhook chain to block)
This frees up one to two members of the crew to work other tasks

OX Forks – Material handling over grass, stone, driveways or ramps
If you take a typical tent job over $5,000,  80% of the goods in the truck can be packaged with bins, racks and pallets.
Hundreds of man hours per year can be eliminated by moving unit loads of up to 2000# as near as 50 feet, and as far as a football field away. Even when the truck is parked next to a 60 x 120, carrying one piece of dance floor 60′ to the center of the truck means a 120′ walk by the member, times 24 trips.  While a pallet of 24 pieces can be moved in one round trip.  Distributing a bin of 100 stakes for the same tent by the Tent OX makes quick work of the process.

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