Would you consider a leaner permanent workforce in a post-Covid-19 world?

As business begins to pick up, what can your company do to reestablish its bottom-line health? Will it be business as usual with full crews? Or would you entertain an alternative that could be more efficient and fundamentally more profitable?

Here are a few brief thoughts on the subject:

Consider restarting with a smaller, veteran core group, augmented by a powerful, mechanized tent installation system. Why? Sending smaller and more experienced crews out on the job with a labor-saving tent installation system like Tent OX is a proven way to improve cash flow immediately. The experience of hundreds of our customers is proof that you will spend less on labor with a Tent OX on your crew.

The monthly cost of leasing a mid-size system with all the tools has recently fallen to under $1000/month, way below the labor cost of the two, three or four crew members it can replace. And there are low-cost rental options too.

Smaller crews: better social distancing and lower transportation cost. How? Adding a Tent OX to your crew allows you to transport fewer crew members, in fewer vehicles, and still be able to maintain social distancing guidelines. For instance if you’re putting up a 60-wide pole tent, you’ll need only three people – in two vehicles – rather than five or six people in three vehicles. A similar ratio applies to clear span installs. Moreover, a Tent OX-equipped team will complete the job as fast or faster than a full traditional crew can achieve.

As business improves, the money you make on each job creates higher profits. Why? Cutting payroll costs is a proven way to keep more cash while Tent OX multiplies productivity.

Tent OX boosts profit not only as you rebuild in the wake of Covid-19, but permanently.  As you add staff, Tent OX continues to enhance your bottom line. Time on the job is slashed by 35% on average.

Turning toward a more efficient “new normal.” Positioning your event company for higher efficiency can help it return to health faster than if you resume crew hires at traditional high levels.

Will a leaner, more profitable company be your “new normal”? That’s for you to decide as the economy reopens.