What is Tent OX? 

OX Stake Puller

Tent OX System with OX Stake Puller at IFAI Tent Show 2019, Orlando Florida. Two Tent OX Systems pulled nearly 1000 stakes at the end of the show.

Tent OX™ is a fully-integrated system that installs commercial tents at record speeds and cuts labor requirements dramatically.

Designed by tent experts and proven on tens of thousands of jobs, Tent OX System combines 10 tent-specific installation tools and a companion articulated loader to install commercial tents faster - with fewer crew - than any other product.

Why Tent OX?

  • Reduce Time on Site
  • Cut Crew Requirements
  • Boost Bottom Line


  • Big Tire, Light Weight
  • Hydraulic Powerhouse
  • Intuitive Maneuvering


Tent OX Rack of attachments
  • Custom-designed for tents
  • Automate difficult tasks
  • Proven in 1000s of jobs



"...we saved around $8,000 in temporary labor costs alone. Morale is up too, because Tent Ox does so much of the hard physical work."

-Sean McCarthy, McCarthy Tents & Events