Why Tent OX

  • Reduces Time on Site
  • Cuts Crew Requirements
  • Boosts Bottom Line


Tent OX Machines
  • Big Tire, Light Weight
  • Hydraulic Powerhouse
  • Intuitive Maneuvering


  • Cuts Time on Site
  • Lowers Personnel Costs
  • Reduces Transportation Costs
stake puller on asphalt parking lot
OX Driver Solar Collector 2


Tent OX™ is a fully-integrated system of 10 specialized tools designed for the tent and party rental industry.

Each tool is an attachment designed to operate on a variety of popular turf-tired, articulated loaders which are typically around 2000 lbs. lighter than a skid-steer loader. These loaders are agile and can move about a work site without damaging the turf or maintained grounds areas, a common occurrence with heavier Bobcat® machines.

Tent OX makes it possible to complete an installation or take down with a smaller crew in a fraction of the time spent using traditional machinery.

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