Tent OX™ Attachments

"The Swiss Army Knife of Tent Rental Installations"

Why bring multiple tools to the job site when a single, well-equipped Tent OX System can replace them all?

Tent OX's tent rental industry experts have designed and built multiple attachments for our factory-direct purchased Avant Tecno articulated loaders to create the ultimate tent installation system. Our USA-made attachments snap on to the boom of Avant's powerful mobile hydraulic powerplant to slash install times dramatically and allow you to assign fewer personnel to jobs. You save crew, time and a lot of money, opening the door to higher profits.

OX Stake Driver™

Labor savings of up to 90% compared to traditional sledgehammer driving
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OX Stake Puller™

The OX Puller operator can pull an entire tent’s worth of stakes without leaving the cab or breaking a sweat.
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pulling roof panels with OX Roof Panel Puller

OX Roof Panel Puller™

The OX Roof Panel Puller solves the well-known issue of fabric roof panels snagging on the framework of large clearspans.
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OX Fork for Tent OX System

OX Fork™

The OX Fork can move pallets and racks of party inventory on soft grass, stone, sand, AND steep hills.
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OX Push Pocket™

The OX Push Pocket makes the task of pushing center pole more efficient and safer than traditional techniques allow.
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OX and Roll™

Loading Block and Roll faster than ever with OX and Roll
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OX Hook™

The Hook eliminates spinning, allowing the operator to place each block in one move.
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OX Hitch™

The OX Hitch is a simple attachment that can be installed in 30 seconds that allows the machine to move trailers.
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OX Lasso™ Ratchets

OX Lasso Ratchets are the simple and safe way to tie down your wheeled loader.
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OX Tool Rack™

OX Tool Rack makes it much easier to store and mount your attachments.
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Stake Rack Tent OX

OX Stake Rack™

The OX Rack’s modular design and 39 lb. weight makes it inexpensive to ship and store until you’re ready to break them out and incorporate them into your warehouse and tenting operations.
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OX Horn™

OX Horn speeds carpet from truck to tent site, going where forklifts dare not tread.
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Porta OX by Tent OX

Porta OX™

This revolutionary materials movement system helps you fill large orders for portable restroom deliveries and distribution much faster from the moment you arrive on site.
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