Why Tent OX™

The amount of time your crew spends on a tent install is the biggest limiting factor to making more money each season. But this all changed in 2014 when Tent OX entered the market.

Tent OX mechanizes time-consuming tasks to cut install times by hours. With Tent OX attachments, the crew can drive an unheard of 4-5 stakes minute, move materials farther, faster and push poles with little manual effort. Job after job, your installs are completed sooner and your trucks return home ahead of schedule. You’ll be able to take on more jobs and – YES! – make more money.

Bottom line: Tent OX makes it possible to install more tents during your busiest months… and you won’t have to hire more crew to do it. Tent OX does the heavy lifting, leaving your crew much fresher, physically and mentally, for the next day’s work. 

Benefits Of The Tent OX

Reduces time on site by 20% – 35%

Tent OX streamlines material handling and reduces time required to drive stakes and push poles.

Cuts crew requirements by 25% – 40%

If you once sent 7 people to put up a 100-wide, Tent OX completes the job with just 4-5 people. Similar savings are assured for structure installs too!

Boosts your bottom line

You’ll save time on every install, use fewer crew, and increase seasonal revenue for all tents in active service.