Why Tent OX™

Tent OX's stake driver can drive even the narrowest baseplates, in a fraction of the time required by mauls or heavy pneumatic hammers.
OX Driver is used to stake baseplates on Ranier Industries tent.

It's the first system-level approach to installing commercial tents

When you invest in Tent OX, you transform the way your crew puts up tents.

Revolutionizes efficiency. Tent OX is a dramatically faster way to put up commercial rental tents of all types. It's an integrated system, not just a collection of single-purpose tools. A Tent OX operator takes over physically stressful manual tasks including materials transfers from truck to tent site, staking, stake pulling, roof panel fabric pulls and pole pushes. A smaller crew concentrates on tasks only they can do, like measuring, positioning tent parts and materials, hanging doors and lighting, and lacing.

The Tent OX Tool rack allows you to store and ship tools in a smaller form factor, so you can bring it on site. Change from one tool to another in one minute, right off the rack.
A single compact rack for Tent OX System attachments allows one-minute changeovers from one tool to another.

Cuts labor hours. Creates more profit. Tent OX reduces labor time and labor costs dramatically on 10 separate tent installation tasks. Crews tend to spend 35-50% less time on the job, and crew count requirements for each job can fall by approximately the same percentage. These are very positive numbers for any tent and event rental company seeking higher profits.

When you own a Tent OX System - and you compete with tent rental companies who don't use Tent OX - you have a built-in, money-making advantage you can take to the bank.

Improves crew safety, morale. Tent OX takes a great deal of physical risk out of commercial tent installations. It takes over the most strenuous parts of the job, helping to reduce the potential for injuries and work compensation claims. Morale rises and crews are more likely to show up for work day after day.