OX and RollTM

Load Block and Roll ballast faster with OX and Roll


OX and Roll forks load and move Block and Roll ballast blocks faster and more safely, using uniquely shaped short forks.


Smart loading is the key to reducing labor:

As the above video shows, OX and Roll forks bypass the need for lift gate cycles, reducing loading time by 2/3. The further the tents are from the truck,  the more labor time you save, since the loaders themselves can carry Block and Roll ballast blocks at speeds of 6.5 to 18 miles an hour, depending on which Avant loader you purchase.

  • The 200 Series machines will pick up one 700# block
  • The 520 machine will pick up 2 700# (or 4 350#) blocks
  • The 528 and 600 series machine will pick up 2 700# and 2 350# (or 6 350#) blocks
  • The 700 series machine will pick up 4 700# or (8 350#) blocks

Here's how OX and Roll forks save you time on the job:

OX and Roll forks slide in to the Tent OX universal mounting plate on an Avant loader boom in a few seconds so you can get to work loading 700/350 blocks. An operator can place two blocks at once onto a truck bed with the lift gate stowed. Because the loader wheels can roll slightly underneath the truck, blocks can be placed about 2 feet into the truck, then pushed about two feet further by the extendable boom.  Subsequent blocks can be used to slide the earlier blocks 8'4" into the truck, for a total of 5 rows deep.  A crew member on the truck then uses an aluminum hand cart to move them further toward the front of the truck, so more can be added.