OX Stake Driver

"Save up to 90% labor over traditional mauls, 65% over pneumatic drivers."

Drive 100s of stakes an hour without tiring

The hydraulically-powered OX Stake Driver attachment for the Tent OX™ System revolutionizes stake driving on both grass and blacktop. A skilled operator can drive four to six stakes a minute, for hours, without tiring. The physical strain of swinging a maul - or lifting pneumatic hand-held drivers weighing 70-90 pounds onto a stake - disappears from memory when the OX Stake Driver is on the job.

Take on the  big clearspan and pole tent jobs with the 700 Series version of the Tent OX System.

Joystick precision for sweat-free stake driving


A 6-function joystick and fingertip controls allow the operator to simply press a button to drive a stake with the attached OX Stake driver, reducing the potential for mishaps and injuries. High ground clearance allows you to drive straight over driven stakes in a straight line, eliminating time-wasting stops and big steering adjustments to center the driver cup over the stake. Hydraulic driving power plants stakes where other technologies fail, so you can even drive stakes through rocks below the surface.

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