Move most common ballast blocks with less swinging and no spinning.

"Use an OX Hook to unload a trailer or stack blocks two-high on a base plate or four-high in the winter."


OX Hook controls the motion of a block better than a hook attached to a chain, yielding 50-65% in labor savings. In addition, flotation-type turf tires allow the operator to run at up to twice the speed of a standard forklift, smoothing out expansion joints or a rough piece of concrete.


Safety Impact

OX Hook design eliminates the need for someone to climb up and jump off a trailer, or climb tiers of blocks to hook a chain on the top block. Avoiding those activities reduces the potential for falls or twisted ankles, and frees crew members for other tasks.

Tricks and Techniques

Speed comes from planning out your installation operation to save time in every task. With the OX Hook, the driver's decision of where to park the truck carrying your blocks will affect installation speed. Since blocks are loaded from both sides, try to park so the work area lies directly behind the truck. This creates equal transfer distances and results in less travel.

Working with the OX Hook, it takes about 10 minutes to achieve 80% of the operator's own potential. After an hour, the operator will be running at personal best capacity. As with all power equipment, some operators squeeze more performance from their tools than others.