OX Stake RackTM


A more efficient way to handle stakes.

OX RackThe new OX Stake Rack for counting, transporting and using stakes offers features that make real sense for any commercial tent and event company looking to improve operational efficiency.

  • Designed and made in the USA by Tent Professionals, the OX Stake Rack designed for use in the warehouse and the job site.
  • Takes up less space than equivalent methods. Stack them in the warehouse, and move them to the back of the truck when you stage a job. They'll be first off for staking, and put on last after take downs.
  • You never have to count out individual stakes for a job because each rack holds 75 stakes. Grab as many racks as you need and go.
  • Recover truck floor space by eliminating outsized, hard-to-move stake boxes
  • Construction is all-steel with silver-color powder coating. Modular design and low weight keep shipping costs low.

Easy Assembly

They ship to you compactly as shown here:

OX Rack

OX Rack

It takes 30 seconds to slide each together (no tools required) and begin filling them with stakes for use around the warehouse and on the job. The racks eliminate hand loading and distribution, so you only move stakes by hand when you reach for them at an install or return them to the rack, as shown here.

OX Rack

Each rack holds about 75 stakes, so it’s easy to count them out from stock when planning loads.

OX Rack

And, they’re easy to move with a pallet truck or forklift.

OX Rack

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