About Tent OXTM

The Tent Installation Professional’s “Do-It-All” Solution

Tent OX pairs a powerful articulated loader with an integrated suite of installation tools, giving tent rental companies a fundamental new system for reducing install times and lower labor costs.

Since its introduction in 2014, Tent OX has revolutionized the way rental operations put up commercial tents. It arrives on the job site at a time where labor costs are at all-time highs. Buying a Tent OX to enhance efficiency is one of the few things tent rental companies can do to raise their profit ceilings.

Tent OX drives stakes

Used in hundreds of locations from coast to coast, and to Hawaii and beyond, it replaces tired, decades-old tools with:

#1  HYDRAULIC POWER: Traditional machines and pneumatic stake drivers can’t keep up with Tent OX.  Mobile, hydraulic power combines with more than 10 purpose-built Tent OX attachments to speed commercial tent installs.

#2  HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY: Tent OX reduces operating costs to put more profit in your pocket. With a couple weeks of experience, you can complete installations about 40% faster than you do right now, with smaller crews.

#3  FASTER MATERIALS HANDLING: Tent OX eliminates hand carries from truck to tent site. It rolls damage-free across the same pristine lawns and playing surfaces from which other machines are banned.

#4  ALL-IN-ONE VERSATILITY: With a suite of quick-change attachments, one machine helps crews work smarter, safer, and faster.

#5  A BOOST IN CREW MORALE: Tent OX takes over the most physically demanding tasks, curbing crew attrition over the season and over the years.

driving a line of stakes

Tent OX Team


Founder and CEO Scott Woodruff (above) founded the company in 2014 and developed the Tent OX System. He is a 30-year tent-rental veteran, and a former tent rental company owner.

Scott served as president of the MATRA tent manufacturers and rental company association, and received the organization's Hall of Honor award in 2015. A long-time safety advocate within MATRA and the IFAI, he has worked for decades to create more profitable, and more worker-friendly tent installation automation techniques.

andy in a tent ox machine

Andy Mattrick, General Manager

Andy came to Tent OX from Event Central, a leading central Pennsylvania commercial tent and event rental company based in Mechanicsburg, PA.

He began his career 17 years ago as the company’s Marketing Manager and rose to the position of General Manager in 2014.

He joins Tent OX to expand its operations, and he is responsible for solidifying the company’s place as one of the key labor-saving solutions introduced into the tent and event rental sector in the last 20 years.

IMG_8169 (1)

Ian Whitlock, Customer Service

Ian Whitlock is our most recent team member, handling inside sales and support. Count on him as your first line of contact for service or parts issues.

Ian enhances Tent OX’s daily operations by acting as a central communications coordinator. He can elevate any calls for help – urgent or informational – to the eyes and ears of the rest of the Tent OX team. His expertise helps close the time gap between questions you have and the answers you need.