About Tent OX™

Tent OX™ is a fully-integrated system of 10 specialized tools designed for the tent and party rental industry.

Each tool is an attachment designed to operate on a variety of popular turf-tired, articulated loaders which are typically around 2000 lbs. lighter than a skid-steer loader. These loaders are agile and can move about a work site without damaging the turf or maintained grounds areas, a common occurrence with heavier Bobcat® machines.

Tent OX makes it possible to complete an installation or take down with a smaller crew in a fraction of the time spent using traditional machinery.

Here’s a brief rundown of the main tools we are offering:

OX Push Pocket

Tent OX Push Pocket start

OX Lasso Ratchets

multione and avant articulated tractor tiedown to utility trailer

OX Fork


OX Push

Jobsite Safety

OX Hook


OX Driver

The OX Driver will drive stakes through asphalt without pre-drilling

OX Puller

OX tent stake puller

OX Hitch


Ox and Roll

Sean McCarthy loading Block and Roll