Avant® 500 Series Articulated Loader

Ideal for 40', 60' wides, and some 80' wides

Avant 523 is part of the Tent OX System, shown here with the OX double-headed stake puller
Tent OX System with Stake puller attachment and Avant 523 articulated loader

"The 500 Series is the most frequently purchased Tent OX System machine, combining  power and performance primarily for pole tents."

The Avant 500 series articulated loader* may be one of your most valuable crew members, available in 523, 528 and 530 versions. With more than 10 available Tent OX System attachments, it carries materials faster, drives and pulls stakes at a tremendous rate unmatched by other solutions. Crews spend less time on site for both setups and tear downs, and that means more money in your pocket.**

Ideal for up to 80’ wide tents

The 500 Series is an superior choice for inventories of 40, 60’ and 80’ wide pole tents.** Here is why:

  • Pushes poles with ease. Four-wheel drive and highly reliable diesel power give these machines outsized center pole pushing power. It replaces either four to five people pushing manually or heavy skid steer machines that are expensive to run and transport.
  • Drives and pulls stakes in blacktop at up to four stakes/minute. Driving stakes and pulling stakes on bigger tent installs may be one of the big reasons you’re spending so much time on site. The 500 Series' stake drivers eliminate all the physical stress of manhandling hammers or wielding typical 57-pound hand-held, powered drivers and it gets you off the site faster. And if you used to bring 7 people to do an install, you may find you can complete the job in less time with just four members. Less crew on site means more money in your pocket.
  • Cuts hand carries to near zero. The further your tent site is from your truck, the more that hand carries add time to the job and add your payroll. But with the 500 Series' impressive 7.5-11.5 mph top speed, a lift capacity of 1750-2100 lb and the ability to jump curbs, hand carries are thankfully obsolete. In one carry you can move about a ton of tent materials, 15 decks of 4’x4’ staging or a pair of 700 lb Block and Roll® blocks.

The 500 Series makes quick work of moving Block and Roll ballast blocks

  • Powerful hydraulic powerplant shoulders most of the heavy work. The 500 Series speeds stake driving and pulling, pole pushing and materials handling, leaving your crew fresh for other work. Whether you’re putting up a large pole tent or structure, it saves you hours of time on the job while improving crew morale. Both are keys to success throughout the season.

Your most valuable crew member

When you add the Tent OX system to your stable, you’ll soon view it as your most valuable crew member. With more than 10 available attachments, it carries materials, drives and pulls stakes at a tremendous rate, and much more. Use it to for safer and faster pole pushes, taking advantage of its four-wheel hydrostatic drive. Or put it to work carrying tent materials, flooring, chairs and everything else you’ll need to transport from truck to tent site. All in a fraction of the time these tasks once took.

The Vasquez family, owners of Made in the Shade of Sacramento (shown w/ Tent OX's Scott Woodruff, second from right) own 500 and 700 Series machines.
The Vasquez family, owners of Made in the Shade of Sacramento (shown w/ Tent OX's Scott Woodruff, second from right) own 500 and 700 Series machines.

Better efficiency = higher profits

The 500 Series, when used as recommended to maximize your time on site, can pay for itself quickly. When you spend less time on the job, you raise not just more revenue over the season, but boost profitability too.

Specs for Success

Engine: 22-26 HP (diesel)
Speed: 7.5 -11.5 mph
Drive: Hydrostatic 4-wheel hydraulic motor drive
Lift capacity: 1750-2100 lbs
Lift Height: 109.8 inches
Weight: 3130 lbs
Height: 78.2”
Length: 100.4”
Width: 44.9”

Ask an expert if the 500 Series is correct for your business by clicking here. Or call Tent OX at (800) 878-0065. Or connect at Sales@TentOX.com. We’ll suggest attachments used to make each install a more efficient and enjoyable process.

* Tent OX uses Avant Tecno articulated loaders as an integral part of your Tent OX System Solution purchase. All Tent OX attachments are engineered and tested specifically on Avant machines. Tent OX provides two-day training on both the loader and the attachments you purchase.

**About Tent OX Performance Claims:  Tent OX is routinely used to install the products of about 20 tent manufacturers offering many, widely varying styles of tents varying in weight and design, and this can impact Tent OX performance.  Performance is also impacted by variable soil conditions,  slope, wind and water factors. Performance claims made by Tent OX represent capabilities described in feedback by hundreds of companies using the systems. One valuable public resource for asking performance-based questions is the Facebook site “Tent OX Fan Page” where many of our customer will answer brand or job specific questions in a public forum.