OX Roof Panel PullerTM

"OX Roof Panel Puller replaces 4-6 crew members pulling on ropes with a single operator."

Proven on the job by customers

OX Roof Panel Puller is the latest tool brought to market by Tent OX™ commercial tent rental experts for pulling clearspan keder fabric. 2200 pounds of hydraulic pulling power installs panels faster than is possible either with hand pulling or using another loader to do the job. Superior hand-feel while pulling virtually eliminates fabric roof panel tears.

This compact attachment is loaded with speed and safety innovations to speed clearspan installs, and its essential for pulling fabric over 40-meter and larger structures.

roof panel puller parts
4" rubber wheels at the ends of a bar allow the OX Roof Panel Puller to complete fabric panel pulls far faster than other techniques
Tent OX makes the Roof panel puller with 4" wheels for easy passage, without snagging

OX Roof Puller Advantages

  • Highest efficiency. One operator does the work of 4-6 pullers
  • Variable speed control. Infinitely adjustable pull speed helps avoid over-pulling and fabric tears
  • Smart capstan drum. Turns only when an operator is present and pulling, a major safety improvement over other approaches. Makes it much easier to feel resistance and correct for it. Reduces rope wear while you await the command to pull
  • Easier ride for your fabric panels. 4" wheels mounted on the bar at the leading edge of the roof panel raise the fabric to ride smoothly over purlins and the ridge connector
  • Beats forklifts or tele-handler for pulls. Because the operator can easily feel resistance through the rope, crews avoid tearing panels when they snag on purlins or the ridge beam.

Four reasons to add a OX Roof Panel Puller to your crew

  1. Faster. Easily cuts 50% of time normally required to pull panels on big structures, reducing time on site
  2. Features like infinitely adjustable speed and instant emergency stop reduce potential for accidents
  3. Lowers stress and strain. Both the fabric panels and your crew get through each job with less wear and tear
  4. Pays for itself quickly. OX Roof Panel Puller cuts many hours off you time on site over the season, paying for itself in short order

OX Roof Panel Puller specifics:

  • Pulling capacity: 2200 lbs
  • Line speed: Continuously variable from 5 feet/minute to 40 feet/minute
  • Safety stop: capstan drum stops instantly when you stop pulling
  • Attaches in seconds to articulated loader arm and hydraulics
  • Best suited for Avant 600 and 700 series machines

Four steps to faster roof panel pulls

After attaching the OX Roof Panel Puller, fire up the Tent OX and do the following:

  1. Center the Tent OX machine and Puller on one side of the tent with the roof fabric panel positioned on the opposite side
  2. Slip the bar through the end of the panel sleeve and attach feeding wheels and ropes
  3. Wrap the rope on the puller side of the tent a few times around the capstan drum and begin pulling
  4. Repeat steps 1-3!

Watch the OX Roof Panel Puller in action!  [Video]

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