OX LassoTM Ratchets

"OX Strap Lasso Ratchets: the simpler, safe way to tie down your wheeled loader. Securing small wheeled loaders to utility trailers is a lot easier and safer when you use OX Strap to lasso the tires rather than reaching under the loader to wrap chains or webbing around the axles."

green strap on turf tire
OX Lasso
  • The OX Strap's high-tensile webbing binds the machine securely to the trailer using four sets of ratchets. Once in place OX Strap requires no subsequent tightening a few miles down the road, as do chain and binder systems. Keep in mind, though, that DOT obligates you to check your load after one mile of travel.

Labor impact

Installing four OX Strap lasso ratchets takes only moments because you simply loop the webbing around each tire rather than reaching under the loader to wrap chains or webbing around the axles.  OX Strap's long ratchet handle gives you the leverage you need to get the machine to act as one with the trailer.

OX Straps can also be used to secure small and medium profile tires for tractors and mini loaders such as Toro Dingo.

Is it tight enough?

Think of the turf tire like a balloon.  When you lasso it,  the shape of the tire gives to the webbing. Because the tire is under pressure,  as soon as  you start ratcheting,  you get a reactionary force from the air pressure in the tire.  Test to see that the lasso is tight when you grab the webbing half way between the tire and the ratchet.

With the OX Strap lasso tight around the tire, there is nothing  to adjust, but remember to inspect your load after traveling a mile, as per DOT regulations.

What is DOT looking for in safe tie-downs?

  • Large wheeled loaders require four chain and binder tie-downs pulling in four directions.
  • Small wheeled loaders require four 2"webbing ratchets  or  two chain and binder tie-downs pulling 4 directions.
  • Webbing must have no signs of wear or fray in order to pass a Truck Enforcement Safety Inspection.
  • Purdue University published an excellent guide on securing loads.

How about securing attachments?

DOT requires any machine attachment that is not an integral part of the machine to be secured separately.  By doing so, the machine connection and extra strap provide redundancy should one or the other fail.

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