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225 Avant Machine Ideal for Smaller Commercial Tent Jobs

Tent professionals running smaller commercial tent jobs have been asking, “Build us a smaller Tent OX that we can cost-justify. One for smaller commercial tent jobs that we can use with 30-wides, 40-wides and the occasional 60-wide commercial tents,” they said.

They knew that Tent OX has already been helping tent rental companies installing bigger tents break through long-standing revenue ceilings. But they needed a Tent OX sized for smaller commercial tent jobs.

The wait for a more affordable Tent OX is over!

Introducing the compact but mighty Tent OX 225. It punches well above its weight to make short work of smaller commercial tent installs. You’ll soon think of it as the most productive member of your tent crew. And consider the fact that it is able to pay for itself in about one year!

Smallest Tent OX

The latest and smallest Tent OX has a 770-lb lift capacity, reducing hand carries to near zero.

Tent OX is great for:

  • Loading tent tops
  • Pushing center poles
  • Driving stakes in blacktop or grass
  • Pulling stakes
  • Unloading stacks of chairs without lift-gate
  • Forklifting round and banquet tables between truck and tent

Perfectly Suited for Smaller Commercial Tent Jobs

Tent OX 225 delivers outsized labor savings and fast ROI that smaller commercial tent rental companies want:

  • Idea for 30- and 40-wides, and the occasional 60-wide
  • Compatible with Tent OX attachments
  • All-wheel drive makes short work of pole pushing
  • Turf tires tread lightly over lawns and other delicate surfaces
  • Articulated steering and 6-mph speed reduces materials handling time from truck to tent site, even over irregular surfaces
  • Crews used for hand carries can be assigned elsewhere
  • Tent OX does most of the demanding work for installs and takedowns, reducing injuries
  • Mobile power plant with high flow hydraulics accelerates stake driving and pulling
  • Lighter and easier to transport than any skid-steer machine, saving transport costs
  • Drives onto small trucks using lightweight aluminum ramps
Tent OX 225 Commercial Tent Jobs

Tent OX 225 is 40” wide, but its power is big. Crews can easily drive stakes at rates of up to three per minute into blacktop. Secure even the smallest baseplates without fear of damaging aluminum legs or wall fabric.


Sized for Success 

Engine: 26 HP (gas EFI)

Speed: 6 mph/10 kmh                                                           Avant 225 Measurements

Drive: Hydrostatic 4-wheel hydraulic motor drive

Lift capacity: 770 lbs/350 kg

Lift Height: 55 inches/1.4 m

Weight: 1860 lbs/844 kg

Height: 74”/1880 mm

Length: 75”/1910 mm

Width: 39-40.5”/995-1026 mm



Priced for Higher Profit

Priced at about $35,000 with attachments, the 225 is priced 30% lower than the next largest Tent OX machine. Used efficiently, the Tent OX 225 recovers its purchase price in under one year of service.

Is the Tent OX 225 right for your smaller commercial tent installs?

Act Now online, call Tent OX at (800) 878-0065 or write us at We’ll advise if the 225 – or another Tent OX – is the best match for your inventory mix.

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