Tent OX Brings Home a Hat Trick at “Best of” Awards

Each year InTents Magazine, the tent industry’s leading publication, recognizes the best tools and systems designed for tent installation. This April, in celebration of the magazine’s 25 years of publication, they opened up voting for 25 unique categories for their annual Readers’ Choice Awards and allowed the public to voice its opinion of who they thought deserved the title of “Best of…” for 2018.

The results are in and we are very excited to announce that Tent OX is the winner of not one, not two, but ALL THREE of the Readers’ Choice awards it was nominated for! Tent OX took home Best Stake Driver, Best Stake Puller and Best Installation Equipment or Tool. This is a huge honor and a much appreciated recognition from the tent industry!

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Tent OX entered the market in 2014 and in a very short time, it has set a new, far more efficient standard for putting up and taking down commercial tents. Tent OX’s speed and power, balanced by its compact and nimble design, makes it unique to anything else that’s ever been used by the tent industry. Look no further than the three Readers’ Choice Awards to see why!

Best Stake Driver Winner of Best Stake Driver – OX Driver If we had to put into one sentence why the OX Driver most likely won InTent’s Readers’ Choice Award for Best Stake Driver, it would be this. Using the OX Driver, tent companies have experienced a labor savings of up to 90% compared to traditional sledgehammer driving. Not convinced yet? The OX Driver has been proven to double crew’s productivity on a job site. In fact, our benchmarks reveal that a single operator with about 3 hours of practice time can consistently drive an average of 30 stakes on a 60-wide top using our construction-grade powered tool in half the time it takes two people to accomplish the same task with an Atlas-COPCO or similar hand-held driver, a 75% man-hour savings!

Best Stake Puller Winner of Best Stake Puller – OX Puller Think of how your crew is pulling stakes today. It’s time and labor intensive, and it’s often the crew’s least desired task! OX Puller turns on all that on its head. With the OX Puller attachment, just one person leverages 10,000 – 16,000 pounds of hydraulic power pull an entire tent’s worth of stakes without leaving the cabin, breaking a sweat, or leaving hard-to-extract stakes behind.  Dare we say operators even have a little fun using it? For these reasons and more, InTent’s Readers’ Choice Award of Best Stake Puller is the OX Puller!

Winner of Best Installation Equipment or Tool – Tent OX System. More than a single-purpose piece of equipment or tool, Tent OX is truly a tent installation system. Starting with its articulated loader, which comes in sizes to meet your needs, Tent OX delivers an exceptional, mobile hydraulic power plant, 10 custom attachments and intuitive maneuvering. The result is speed and precision – the perfect combination on any tent installation! Add to this the versatility of the attachments, designed for use by tent professionals by tent professionals, and it’s easy to see there that is no close challenge to what Tent OX offers. That is why InTents readers voted it the Best Installation Equipment or Tool.

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Tent OX Appreciates the Tent Industry’s Support

Tent OX extends its thanks to InTents Magazine’s readers and Tent OX buyers throughout the United States and Canada who have come to recognize the value of the Tent OX system. In four years we have accomplished much, but we’re just getting started!

If this is your first time hearing about Text OX, let us help answer some of your questions! Please reach out to us and a member of the Tent OX team will contact you directly.