Can the OX Stake Rack improve your labor costs?

OX Stake Rack! Another specialized tool in the Tent OX line to help you reduce your labor on large setups. It all started when I was calling on tent companies to talk about the Tent OX and its material handling capabilities. Often, the conversation focused on “How do other people handle stakes”?

There are about half a dozen different methods I have heard about:
– Plastic barrels with the tops cut out
– Amateur welded rack
– Wooden skids with 2×8 sides
Swampy Hollows old rack
Jarke-style stack racks
– Poly or other molded plastic reusable bins

Some of these methods are very impractical, so I decided to head to the drawing board.

I surveyed some customers to understand what they wanted in a stake rack…
– “It needs to be durable.”
– “It needs to be able to be stackable.”
– “Has to be compatible with a forklift or pallet jack.”
– “Reasonably priced, something around $250.”

And this is what I came up with.

OX Stake Rack, stacked
Distribute racks around the site for easy loading, so it’s ready for the next job.
Grab as many 75-stake racks as you need to complete a job.

It’s easy to lift, load and store.