5 Advantages of a “Go-Anywhere, Do-it-All” Machine in the Tent & Event Industry

When you buy more labor-saving tools and techniques to reduce the time required for a tent install, does that always mean you’ll add more profit to your bottom line? Not necessarily. Buying multiple machines to save labor can cost a lot of money – and take up more space – than those acquisitions justify. That’s why we companies in the tent and event industry choose the Tent OX System  as a single “do-it-all” solution.   

OX Hook

The Tent OX System paired with an Avant Loader is easier to learn and less expensive to own than its less-efficient, less versatile cousins like skid steer machines, dedicated forklifts, and hand-held pneumatic stake drivers. It slashes the high costs of installing and taking down tents in five ways:

Tent & Event Industry Advantage #1: The Right Amount of Power to Go Anywhere

For the first time, you can move tent and event materials from truck to tent site in a small fraction of the time it now takes, allowing you to start the actual install sooner than ever before. The articulated loaders we specify use four-wheel hydrostatic drive to generate outstanding high pulling power and brisk top speeds from 6 mph to 18.5 mph.

Tent OX Mountain Goat Agility

Each loader is mountain goat-agile, maneuvering over uneven surfaces, curbs and steep inclines smoothly and swiftly, as this video shows.

Tent & Event Industry Advantage #2: Treading lightly where other machines aren’t permitted

 Despite its high power-to-weight ratio and speedy moves, Tent OX System and Avant Loader’s solution is kind to the ground it traverses. The loader’s outsized turf tires and lighter weight move tent materials, ballast and anything else you need over surfaces that other machines are forbidden to drive on – including manicured lawns, sports playing surfaces and gravel paths.

carrying tent materials


Tent & Event Industry Advantage #3: Quick Changing Attachments

The Tent OX System features a full suite of tools and attachments that transform the articulated loader into 10 or more different machines, so it’s operating throughout the process of installing a tent to reduce time on site. Among the top favorites are the OX Driver, OX Puller, OX Fork, OX Push, OX Hook, OX Roof Panel Puller and more. The Tent OX’s quick-connect feature allows operators to change attachments quickly and seamlessly, boosting speed and efficiency. Best of all, as your business grows you can use the same Tent OX attachments on larger available loaders.

Tent & Event Industry Advantage #4: Precision to Get Things Done RightThe First Time

The articulated loader’s intuitive maneuvering is fast and accurate. Forward and reverse pedals, and a right-hand throttle control help you go where you want, while eliminating the need for a brake pedal. The easy-to-learn joystick delivers ultra-precise control over all arm movements. And the articulated power steering adjusts an attachment left or right over your work with micrometer precision.

Event Industry

Precision, combined with power, is the key to get the job done quickly and correctly every time. It doesn’t take long to learn and harness the power of Tent OX’s mobile hydraulic power plant as you drive and pull stakes. Exceptional power allows a single operator to drive hundreds of stakes with without leaving the driver’s seat. Infinitely controllable speeds on hydraulic attachments keep everything under control as you pull keder panels twice as fast as before, without fabric tears. Pulling stakes couldn’t be easier, even when working on blacktop or densely packed clay, so you can speed takedowns and get off the site a lot faster.

Tent & Event Industry Advantage #5: Reduced operating costs put more profit in your pocket

Tent OX System keeps operating costs under control because it:

  • Is cheaper to transport. The Tent OX System of an articulated loader and its attachments weighs a lot less than a skid steer-type machine. unloading tent ox
  • Simply drive the articulated loader on or off a standard pull-behind trailer and avoid using big, expensive truck that requires a CDL licensed driver to operate.
  • Uses less fuel. An extremely efficient power plant and exceptionally strong hydraulics and attachments do more work with noticeably greater energy efficiency.
  • Reduces crew requirements. Tent OX Systems do most of the heavy lifting required on the job, so you can reduce crew requirements for each job and still get the job done faster.

Tent OX: A jack of all trades, but also a master

If you value speed, power, precision and efficiency, just one Tent OX system can replace many tools and machines you currently employ on the job. Are you ready to take a test drive on the go-anywhere, do-it-all Tent OX System? Contact us today!