How Your Event Rental Business Can Take on More Commercial Tent Rental Jobs with Tent OX™

Finding and retaining quality labor is one of the largest challenges your tent rental business faces as it tries to take on more commercial tent rental jobs. You’re not alone if you suffer high-turnover and high-burnout rates in your crew, especially when you’re struggling through back-to-back jobs in your busy season.

For far too long, many of us have tried to fight back with heavy-duty tools borrowed primarily from the construction industry, hoping to carve out enough additional hours in the day can take on more commercial tent rental assignments. But you’re not alone if you’ve found that such tools haven’t had a major effect on efficiency. They’re not designed for use in a tent installation environment, and it costs crew time to work around their limitations.

Taking a New, System-level, Approach to Commercial Tent Rental Installs

The key to beating the burnout game is investing in a tent installation system – rather than just a collection of individual tools. That’s what we did when we introduced Tent OX in 2014, with a goal to increase tent crew speed and efficiency while decreasing burnout and fatigue.

What makes Tent OX more than just a bunch of individual tools? First, Tent OX is specifically designed for the use of tent rental businesses, and it’s based on our 30 years of experience running and owning our own regional tent and event company. Tent OX combines a four-wheel articulated loader with more than 10 commercial tent-specific tools we design and build in the U.S. When our attachments are mounted to your choice of different-sized articulated loaders, they accelerate your crew’s ability to do everything much faster and with less effort, including:

  • Driving and pulling stakes
  • Loading and unloading and carrying thousands of pounds of material
  • Pulling roof panels across large clearspan structures.

Used as a system, Tent OX cuts labor costs and installation times dramatically, while freeing crews from the most physically stressful tasks.

Customers Describe the Bottom-line Impact of the Tent OX System

When prospective Tent OX customers see the machine in action for the first time, often through our many YouTube videos, they’re amazed by its performance and ease of use. But what they still want to know, before investing in a new machine, is how this will impact their bottom line.

The answer is the Tent OX allows you to save time on each job, both on setups and takedowns. It frees up many hours a week that you can reinvest into new assignments, without wearing out your crew. Take a look at how three commercial tent rental companies – perhaps one is similar to yours – have grown their commercial job capacity with the Tent OX system without having to hire more crew.

AAble Rents in Ohio

AAble Rents On Friday, Memorial Day weekend 2015, Cleveland, Ohio’s AAble Rents, of Cleveland was flat-out with a full slate of jobs. CEO and Owner Ramsey Duqum got a call in mid-afternoon from a company that needed an 80’x120’ tent installed the next day in southern Ohio.

While cost was no issue, the timeframe was very short.Event Rental Business

Duqum could not ask his crew to take on another job, so he asked his brother and two volunteer helpers to hit the road with him the next morning at 6am. This job, which they would never would have tried to take on before, was successfully completed with the Tent OX. Even better, the fee covered nearly half of the company’s investment in the machine!



L & A Tents LogoL & A Tent Rentals in New Jersey 

L &A has an annual contract to install a 100’ x 260’ tent directly onto the surface of a dirt horse track. But because the surface has become seriously compacted after thousands of races, it had reached the point that it was harder than concrete. Driving or pulling stakes was nearly impossible, and in the year before, they had no choice but to hire a huge wrecker truck with crane-like arm to pull recalcitrant stakes!L & A Tent Rentals

Fast forward one year to 2016, and the mighty, but relatively small Tent OX easily drove and pulled the stakes, finishing the job hours earlier than usual. Their profit margin on this single job climbed dramatically with the use of their Tent OX.


Diamond Rental in Utah in Salt Lake City 

diamond rental

diamond rental Shortly after Diamond Rental took delivery of its Tent OX, the crew of eight took it to set up four pole tents: three 60-wides and a 100-wide. In the past, the job had taken one week and a crew of eight. But this year, the client asking for the setup to completed in just two days! Tent OX enabled Diamond Rental to hit the client’s tight timeline, and did so with just a six man crew, saving many hours of labor cost and time on site!

“I could have sent my entire crew to this one job and still not had enough manpower to get it done,” said store manager Mark Hiles. “We used fewer guys than usual with Tent OX and still got the job done in a fraction of the time!”

Ready to learn how Tent OX can help your business take on more commercial jobs? Let’s talk!