Get More Work Done in Less Time With This Capital Investment

Tent OX System in action, driving stakes

The Tent OX harnesses the power of a Kubota or Kohler engine and a high-flow hydraulics to perform tasks that would otherwise require many crew hours. The power of the OX is the key to getting more work done in less time.
Here’s how:

The OX Stake Driver delivers a 75% labor reduction when compared to two people operating a gas-powered stake driver.  The labor reduction is even greater when compared to an electric breaker or sledgehammer.
The OX Puller delivers 10% labor savings when compared to the most popular walk behind power puller, and over 60% savings when compared to a lever puller.
The OX Push eliminates 3 people when pushing a 60 wide center pole, and up to 5 people when pushing up a 100 wide pole.
The OX Hook eliminates 1 – 2 people who hook and unhook the chain when moving large orders of 1800 blocks around structure.
The OX Fork is unparalleled for moving loads of pallets and bins between the truck and work site. In fact it erases dozens of hours on a major tent job.  If your truck has to stay on the road, the OX Fork can move 10’s of thousands of pounds of material over big distances at speeds from 6.5 mph to nearly 20 mph. 

Tent OX lifting structure posts.

Whether you buy the Tent OX to reduce crew hiring requirements or to shorten the amount of time it takes to perform an installation, Tent OX Systems sold to tent and event companies all over North America save thousands of dollars of labor, an asset that can be redirected to new revenue producing work.
Making a capital investment in a Tent OX will substantially reduce your labor as a percentage of sales and cause the profit to drop to the bottom line.