Tent OX Delivers the Same Power & Precision Indoors

BC Tent and Awning Co., Incindoor bc tent and awning. opened its doors in Avon, Massachusetts nearly 40 years ago and has since learned a thing or two about running a successful tent and event rental business amidst the harsh winters in the Northern United States.

With a crew of 16 full time employees throughout the winter months, BC Tent has mastered its strategy for maximizing how its crew functions during their slower season, when there are few outside tent jobs to be had.

Bob Costa, President and CEO of BC Tent explains, “During the months when there’s little demand for outside jobs, we focus our crew on reorganizing inventory and really digging into the corners around the warehouse to put us in the best possible position at the start of our busy season.”

For this premiere event rental company, which manages more than a half million square feet of tents, it’s easy to see how the need to sort and reorganize warehouse inventory is a crucial step for preparing the business to meet the needs of its customers during its peak season beginning mid-May.

Tent OX Proves Just as Valuable Indoors

A game-changer for BC Tent’s off-season warehouse organizing was the addition of the Tent OX system, consisting of an Avant 635 articulated loader and all of Tent OX’s event-specific attachments. Tent OX easily maneuvers down the narrow corridors of the warehouse, unlike a forklift. Tent OX virtually doubles the efforts of the forklift BC Tent already owned, by doing pretty much the same work in a smaller size. Now crew can effectively work in two different parts of the warehouse at the same time, accomplishing twice what they could before.

The result is a highly organized warehouse that is poised for smooth workflow come peak season. But that’s not all. During the winter months, BC Tent does a lot of event rentals, with customers often coming to the warehouse to pick up their items. Using Tent OX to load and unload BC Tents trucks as well as customers’ vehicles, the company delivers quick and seamless service.

When Needed Outdoors, Tent Ox is Ready to Ride!

While BC Tent has found much value in using Tent OX inside its warehouse, the articulated loader’s power and precision is also highly beneficial outdoors in the winter. BC Tent uses Tent OX to quickly tackle its most essential snow removal which includes clearing walkways and access to utilities such as gas meters. Tent OX also excels at driving stakes into frozen ground, a task that would be burdensome, if not impossible to do, by hand.

Bob Costa summarizes the value of Tent OX like this: “Tent OX is a four-season, indoor/outdoor system that excels at everything we’ve asked of it. Rarely a day goes by that we don’t have Tent OX out on a job or busy in our warehouse.”

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