Tent OX™ 635 and 640

The Tent OX 600 series of machines is your best choice if you’re pushing 60’ and 80’ wide and larger pole tents like this 100’ wide like this Aztec tent.

The Tent OX 600 series machines speed bring extra power and speed to 60’ wide 80’ wide and the occasional 100’ wide tent installs. It is also a key labor-saver for clearspans when used to drive and pull stakes, unload trucks and move materials from truck to tent site. The two models in this series – the 635 and 640 – are similar, with the primary difference being ground speed (9.5 mph and 14 mph, respectively) and a slight increase in the 640’s lift capacity.

“Our most productive crew member.” One customer, after taking possession of a Tent OX 635, called it “Our most productive crew member.” For instance, it drives twice as many stakes per hour as any other solution on the market. Its easy maneuverability and high lift height of 111” makes it easy to pick up and move as much as 2400 lbs of tent materials in a carry. Hand transportation is a thing of the past and your crew can be assigned to other tasks to reduce time on site.

Your choice for large pole tents and structures

The Tent OX 600 series of machines is your best choice if you’re pushing 60’ and 80’ wide and larger pole tents like this 100’ wide like this Aztec tent.

  • Outsized tires take the 600 series where skid steer machines cannot travel. Fat turf tires and light weight lets 600 series Tent OX machines tread lightly over lawns, paths and irregular surfaces that skid steer machines are usually banned from. It even jumps curbs!
  • High-speed materials movement. Tent OX replaces multiple laborers moving heavy materials by hand with a single operator. Move well over a ton of tent materials at a time, 20 BilJax® or Granite® decks, a pair of 700 lb Block and Roll® ballasts, or tall stacks of chairs and tables.
  • Onsite, mobile hydraulic power plant. Use the Tent OX 600 series for continuous stake driving and pulling, and pushing center poles.
  • Less expensive to transport. The Tent OX 600 series is much lighter than Bobcat®-style loaders, and it can do many more jobs with its 10 attachments. Drive it up a ramp onto a trailer attached to a standard pickup truck, strap it down, and be on your way!
  • Fast track to higher profits. Tent OX 600 series machines cost-justifies your investment quickly when used with an eye for maximum efficiency. Customers report that they have cut time on site by up to 25%. Instead of sending a crew of seven, they complete the job in less time with just four. That’s new money in your pocket, job after job.


Specs for 635/640

Engine:37.5 HP (diesel)
Speed:  9/14 mph
Drive: Hydrostatic 4-wheel hydraulic motor drive
Lift capacity: 2400/lbs
Lift Height: 111 inches
Weight: 3370/3500 lbs
Height: 81.5″
Length: 100.3″
Width: 50.8″

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