Tent OX™ 755i and 760i

Crew members confidently power through jobs by working smarter, not harder. Crew morale gets a boost and retention rates climb.

Tent OX 755i and 760i machines are the correct choice for your biggest jobs. Their class-leading power and speed translate to shorter times on site whether your business emphasis is 40 meter and larger clearspans or 80’ to 120’ wide pole tents. One operator can singlehandedly shave hours off a crew’s time on site, whether by driving 240 stakes/hour, pulling structure roof panels at 50% higher speeds than hand pulls, or pushing center poles in 20-30 seconds.

Power player for the biggest jobs

Tent OX 755i and 760i machines have a beefy 3600 lb lift capacity and a long 122” reach, shortening time to unload materials, move ballast blocks and more. Transfer loads from truck to tent site at speeds up to 18.5 mph while maintaining excellent control over the load. You can even jump curbs with confidence.

Other features include:

  • Go where skid steer machines dare not travel. Available, oversized turf tires distribute the weight of the 700 series Tent OX so effectively that operators can drive over lawns, paths and irregular surfaces without causing damage. And even though it’s the biggest Tent OX, a 700 series machine with its articulated steering slides smoothly under tent eves that would block taller loaders.
  • Fastest materials movement. A single Tent OX operator can move well over a ton of tent materials at a time, 25 decks of BilJax® or Granite® , 2400 lbs of ballast, four 700 lb Block and Roll® ballast blocks, or tall stacks of chairs and tables. This frees the rest of your crew for other tasks. Result? Your company spends less time on site during install and
  • Your own mobile hydraulic power plant. Tent OX 755i and 760i machines have an outsized capacity for taking on heavy workloads. That includes the kind of continuous stake driving and pulling required on big clearspan jobs featuring double and triple decker structures. Hydrostatic, articulated four-wheel drive makes pushing traditional center poles a quick and safe task.
  • Costs less to transport. Tent OX 700 series machines weighs a lot less than comparable Bobcat®-style loaders. Drive it onto a standard trailer, use the available OX Strap tie downs and be on your way!
  • Efficiency equals higher profits. Tent OX 700 series machines can deliver an ROI of less than two years when exercised at maximum efficiency. For instance, personnel who once labored on backbreaking stake driving and pulling assignments can be assigned to other tasks that will speed completion and get the crew off the site faster. Bottom line: Spend fewer labor dollars on every install (and take down). And, watch profits climb.
  • Crew morale gets a boost. The life of a commercial tent and event field employee is one of hard physical exertion, often creating turnover rates that undermine team morale and your bottom line. Tent OX transforms the way crews work in a very positive way. When you put Tent OX on the job you are literally taking the daily weight of many high-effort, high-risk tasks off their shoulders.


The results? Crew members confidently power through jobs by working smarter, not harder. Crew morale gets a boost and retention rates climb.

Specs for 755i/760i

Engine:57 HP (diesel)
Speed: 10.5/18.5 mph
Drive: Hydrostatic 4-wheel hydraulic motor drive
Lift capacity: 3600 lbs
Lift Height: 122 inches
Weight: 4420/4640 lbs
Height: 83.1″; 85.4″ with DLX cab; 90.7″ with air conditioning
Length: 121.3″
Width:  57.1″

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