New Tweaks Bring Tent Installs out of the Stone Age

Technology is changing all around us, yet some very important things haven’t been tweaked to match the new, faster speed of business, especially in the tent rental industry. Things like moving materials efficiently from truck to tent site, driving stakes, pulling stakes and pushing poles still take as long, or nearly as long, to complete as they did 20 years ago. You may ask, where are the technology tweaks that bring tent installs out of the stone age?

tent installs

Frame structures like this Anchor went up faster at this year’s 2016 MATRA Tent Show with Tent OX automation tweaks

The fact is…the technology for tent installs is out there! It’s catching fire as commercial tent businesses from coast to coast reap the benefits of automating the most labor-intensive parts of their tent installs. Here’s how the Tent OX can bring your commercial tent installations out of the Stone Age and improve profitability.

Applying New Mechanization where it hasn’t been Applied Before

New automation tweaks consist of adding mechanization where it’s never been applied, or they improve substantially upon relatively recent tweaks – like powered stake drivers – that have not proved to be as effective as they could be. The latest advancements, introduced to the commercial tent and event market in the last two years by Tent OX – promise to radically increase the speed at which we install both pole and frame-class tents. They are:

  • High-speed stake drivers: Doubles or triples the number of stakes driven per hour, allowing you to reduce install times.
  • Rapid stake pullers: Lifts all sorts of stakes at up to 220/hour to cut take down times and get the crew back to the shop faster.
  • More efficient pole pushing: Similar capacity to a heavy, traditional skid-steer or huge loader, but more precise, easier to use, and cheaper to transport. With pole tents, Tent OX eliminates the need for a bigger machine altogether.
  • Very rapid materials movement: Runs safely even over delicate grass surfaces at speeds of 7-12 mph. Colleges and homeowners often approve a Tent OX for use where other, heavier machines are banned.

Boost Profits Too

If faster installs aren’t enough to make you decide to embrace the new automation tweaks of the Tent OX, let’s talk about an additional important benefit: improved profits for every job. Tent OX reduces the average total time onsite by two to four hours so you can schedule extra jobs that your business previously would have to turn away due to lack of manpower. And when you take the tent down with Tent OX, it provides additional hours of saved time. What type of impact would that have on your bottom line?

And it’s not just about speed. Automation also cuts personnel costs and increases crew safety.

In fact, tent professionals have reported significant crew morale improvements after incorporating the Tent OX into their operations. Businesses that provide a safer, less physically demanding work environment are reporting enhanced employee retention, satisfaction and work-life balance.

Now the only question that remains is…

Are you ready to move your commercial tent installs out of the Stone Age and into the age of automation? Let’s start a conversation today!