OX Fork

“The OX Fork can move pallets and racks of party inventory on soft grass, stone, sand, AND steep hills.”

It is equipped to haul bins of tent parts, stage, dance floor, tops, and much more. Because it is built on the articulated platform with turf tires, it can steer and maneuver a heavy load with the agility of a golf cart.

Where can the OX Fork be operated?

  • Rental yard loading trucks
  • University turf field
  • College commons or quad
  • Sand at the beach
  • Stone driveway
  • Between fence gates

OX Fork specifications:

  • Lift between 2,100 – 3,100 pounds depending on model
  • Speed 7.5 MPH to 15 MPH depending on model
  • Forks are self-leveling
  • Fork length 36″, 42″, & 48″
  • Full-sized back rest for safety of operator
  • Will raise forks to height of 110″ – 122″ depending on model
  • 2 foot reach extension

Tricks and Techniques

Articulated steering is foreign to a new operator. It takes a new operator about 5 minutes to get the hang of things, and up to an hour to fully master the steering. When they master it, they will have a built-in side shift and reach extension that cannot be matched by any other machine. The trick is to always have all four wheels straight in line when placing or picking up the load of materials. It requires a little thinking ahead. When centered on a load, side shift is a byproduct of a slight turn.   Contrast this to approaching the load while turning, where the side shift potential is reduced.

A highly proficient operator is always looking ahead of the path of travel by 15 feet in order to cause the wheels to be inline when loading or unloading.  There can be as much as a 20% difference in the production rate of experienced operators.  The faster operator looks ahead and anticipates his approach.  A less productive operator is still in a turn when picking up or dropping, which triggers wasted movements back and forth to complete the same task.

Focus on Safety

Because large events are held in very public places, the rental operator has a responsibility to be safe where the general public is concerned.

Built in Safety features:

  • Operator sits high with a 360 line of sight
  • Backup alarm standard
  • ROPS (Roll Over Protection System) using 4 post safety frame
  • Rigid Stable frame
  • FOPS (Fall Object Protective Structure) Canopy which also provides protection from sun and rain
  • Seat belt interlocked with motion
  • Low center of gravity
  • Build in overload sensor

Other safety accessories available include

  • Safety Beacon
  • 3 halogen light package
  • Rear view mirror

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