What Size Tent OX is the Right Fit for My Business?

With Tent OX you have a choice! Did you know there are three main series of Tent OX tent installation systems from which you can choose? We can help you find the one that works best for your specific size tents and can accommodate the needs of your business.

Tent Installation

All of our 500, 600 and 700 series Avant machines have four-wheel drive and perform most of the same functions when it comes to driving, pulling, pushing and lifting, using Tent OX attachments. But there’s a difference in how much material weight each machine can handle and the size tent it can install.

Assessing your needs

When a business comes to us wanting to know what size Tent OX tent installation system it needs to accommodate its workload, our assessment begins with a few key questions. What size pole tents, frame tents or structures do you want to install? Do you handle concrete and if so, what size? Finally, what are your material handling needs?

Check out this simplified breakdown of each series and its capabilities. Keep in mind that there is a lot more information worth knowing about each machine. With a short, no-pressure phone conversation we can match you with the right Tent OX to meet your business’s current size and your goals for growth!

For small to medium sized businesses who want to increase efficiency and profit…

500 Series – 528/530

  • Well suited for 30, 40, 60 and some 80-foot-wide pole tents

    Avant 500 series

    500 Series

  • Moves up to 1,800-pound ballast blocks
  • Moves as many as 25 eight-foot tables at a time
  • Moves up to 16 decks of 4×4 staging
  • Maximum lift capacity is 2,100 pounds
  • Diesel engine
  • Single-pump system

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Note: *The smaller model number in each series denotes a slightly lighter machine with a standard drive system that is adequate for most businesses and is most commonly purchased. The larger number in each series model means it has a more advanced drive system and a higher top speed. Faster machines are best for businesses whose installation jobs require driving the Tent OX long distances from truck to tent site.


For businesses who want extra power and added capabilities for material handling…

600 Series – 635/640

Avant 600 Series

600 Series

  • Well suited for day-to-day 80-foot and some styles of 100-foot-wide pole tents, as well as pulling roof fabric panels on many clearspan tents
  • Moves up to 2,400-pound ballast blocks
  • Moves any size banquet tables and most rack sizes of large rounds
  • Moves up to 20 decks of 4×4 staging
  • Maximum lift capacity is 2,400 pounds
  • Increased hydraulic power and larger Diesel engine than 500 Series

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For businesses who want maximum power for the largest tents and significant material handling…

700 Series –755i/760i

700 Series

700 Series

  • Pushes any pole tent up through 100-foot-wide, pulls panel fabric on clearspan tents
  • Moves up to 3,000-pound ballast blocks
  • Moves up to 25 decks of 4×4 stage
  • Moves racks of 60-inch round tables.
  • Maximum lift capacity is 3,600 pounds
  • Largest Diesel engine in the Avant range
  • Double-pump system

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Avant 200 Series

Still not sure what size Tent OX is the right fit for your business? That’s why we’re here! Let us lend a hand, with our decades of trusted tent and event experience and knowledge!

Most importantly, we never, ever oversell. We’re here to ensure that the tent installation system you invest in is just right for the current and future needs of your business, not oversized or undersized.

Let’s talk!