Four Ways to Speed Up Commercial Tent Installations

Tent installations the old-fashioned way is too expensive and time consuming. While you’ve embraced new technology to streamline other parts of your operations, are there some new options you can also leverage to automate installs?

The answer is a big, unqualified “Yes.” Let’s illustrate why by looking at four ways Tent OX’s innovative tools and impressive power can make your tent and event rental business much more successful and speed up commercial tent installations.

Stake Driving:

The OX Driver attachment is at minimum twice as fast as the next-fastest method! A single operator with a helper to hold stakes can consistently drive an average of 30 stakes into blacktop on a 60-wide tent in well under half the time it takes the same two people to manhandle a heavy, hand-held gas or pneumatic driver. That’s a 50% man-hour savings. With experience they can drive about 4 stakes/minute into blacktop and up to 6 stakes/minute in grass, raising man-hour savings to about 70%. Your team can run it all day for multiple tent installations without suffering fatigue or being as exposed to the potential for injury, and they are fresher for the next job.

Driving Stakes Tent Installation

Driving stakes doesn’t have to be this hard. OX Driver by Tent OX is much faster and eliminates crew fatigue.

Stake Pulling:

The OX Puller is far faster than manual methods. A single operator can pull an entire tent’s worth of stakes without leaving the cab or breaking a sweat. Compare that to the effort required by manual stake pullers. While such tools still have their place in small jobs, when you’re pulling hundreds of stakes on a regular basis, you can see why OX Puller is an important automation tweak!

Pole Pushing:

The OX Push is safer than using several men to wrestle with a huge center pole and eliminates the need to bring a heavy skid steer machine on the job. With this automation, one operator, with one or two persons for positioning, can push a center pole as easily as a much heavier machine. But unlike the larger machine, the Tent OX is easier to control, cheaper to transport and far kinder to lawn surfaces: another great asset to all tent installations.

OX Push by Tent OX

OX Push by Tent OX makes it easy to push center poles like this new pole tent from Eureka! Industries being installed at the MATRA Tent Show 2016 in November. Note the pair of Tent OX machines pushing two poles at once!

Materials Movement:

The Tent OX’s articulated loaders with big turf tires allow you to move tents, chairs and flooring directly to the job site without requiring time-consuming, physically difficult hand carries, even over delicate surfaces. They save time, prevent burnout and allow you quickly and efficiently move your materials on site and back in your warehouse.

All these capabilities combine to reduce your time on the job. How you use that newly available time is up to you. You could take on one or two more jobs per week during your busy season. Hours required to complete a job will go down, typically by at last 25%. And that means a better bottom line.

Intrigued? There is a lot more we can tell you, both online and over the phone. Why not reach out and start a conversation today!

Tent OX Machines

Carrying materials like flooring from truck to tent site is much easier when it’s properly mechanized. Machines like this one working at the MATRA tent show feature big turf tires and four-wheel hydrostatic drive to eliminate hand carries, even over grass surfaces!