Strong Industry. Strong Companies. Strong as an OX

We go on the road from time to time, visiting with both our terrific customers and Tent OX prospective buyers. Stop after stop, we hear the same thing: demand for tent installs is very strong and companies in our sector of the rental market are having to make big choices about how to handle it with a shrinking labor force.

Every one of them is interested in taking advantage of the skyrocketing demand for tent and party rental installations. But how? Rather than taking on the headache of making your crew bigger, the smartest businesses know the better strategy is to invest in growing stronger.

Building STRONGER teams to improve retention. But at the same time, companies who not long ago paid a starting rate of $11 to $12 an hour in their market now shell out $16 to $20. On top of that, they work harder than ever to establish an attractive work environment to go with it. Not only to keep new and existing staff committed to their companies, but also to build productivity through stronger unit cohesiveness. Yet labor is still tight. We hear that it is increasingly hard to say yes to every great-paying install request.

What else can be done to make your company STRONG? Your crew doesn’t exist in a vacuum. If there’s a smarter, less physically demanding way to put up a tent, they’re on the lookout for it.

Using Tent OX offers an advantage that other companies in your area may not already have. Tent OX systems are now busy putting up tents in every major area in the country from the East Coast to Hawaii, and in quite a few smaller locales. Crews know what other event rental companies are doing, and our customers say that having a Tent OX or two (or in some cases four or six!) provides a real attraction for crew members to move to their company. Tent OX not only solves labor problems, it attracts new crew members as well – a big plus in a tight HR market!

Strong As An OX isn’t just about machine sales. It’s about making YOU stronger. We don’t just sell Tent OX Systems. We visit and talk with tent and event companies with great regularity, That puts us in a good position to ID and track trends in the event rental business. Reach out if you’re looking to gain greater efficiencies across your business.

Beyond that, Tent OX reinvests in the industry it serves. When the world came crashing down on our industry amidst the onset of the pandemic, Tent OX sprang into action by orchestrating quite a few industry-specific Round-Up webinars that helped a number of companies navigate these incredibly challenging times.

We like to call in our contacts, including professionals who serve the industry’s highly experienced tent and event companies, so they can share their perspectives.

Most impressively, our senior management team has a combined tent industry knowledge of more than 50 years!

We love to be involved in the industry, not just to push another sale out the door, but to be a trusted resource in several other areas that make up the job of managing a tent and event company.

So, if you simply want to talk, gain advice, or collaborate in any way, we’re here and listening. Give us a call, send a text, or shoot us an email. We’ll answer every time – that’s our promise. After all, a rising tide lifts all boats, yours and our own. And Tent OX is committed to helping bring businesses to deeper waters where the winds of growth and prosperity are STRONG.