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Making More Money On Each Tent Installation


The more time you spend on the job, the more that job costs.

In its simplest form, the true cost of any job is a combination of the number of people you send to put up a tent, and the number of hours they spend there.

Michael's Party Rentals

Take for example, Michael’s Party Rentals of Ludlow, MA. A tight crew of 18 employees is expected to handle 80 events or more per week during peak season. If a crew member didn’t show up, or a job ran late, they might not be able to fulfill all their jobs in a day – a direct blow to the bottom line. Then in early 2015, they were introduced to Tent OX™. The system’s full suite of tent and event-specific tools was what really sold them on Tent OX’s versatility and functionality.

In his own words, Michael Linton, President of Michael’s Party Rentals says, “The Tent OX System enables us to send half the guys to a job site while still getting the work done in the same amount of time. I’ve been able to substantially grow my business without having to grow my crew.”


Michael's Party Rental Tent Installation

Michael’s Party Rental on the job with Tent OX 528 and a completed 60 x 240


It’s not just one task that can reduce the amount of time your crew spends for tent installation

Each task within the install chews up time, beginning with the way you carry materials from the truck to the tent site, how you drive stakes, pull keder panels, or push center poles. The same problem presents itself in reverse when your crew goes back to take the tent down. Pulling stakes and moving materials to the truck eat up both time and energy. 

To make more money, you need to have a system that touches on all the tasks that can be sped up, to get your crew on and off the site faster. Traditions like using mauls to drive stakes and using a squad of crew members to manhandle a center pole into position will always be important in our industry, but working smarter, and using a tool system to accelerate the job, makes you  more money. It’s time to…

Change the way you put up a tent 

The fact is, unless you change the way you put up a tent in a systematic way, accelerating as many steps as possible, you’ll always find you can only make a certain amount of money for each job.

The key to making more money is to reduce the time-impact of each step. But how?

Chattanooga Tent

Chattanooga Tent used the Tent OX System for moving decks of flooring

The value of task acceleration 

What if you could:

Move all of your materials from truck to tent site in 20 minutes with just one machine operator rather than taking 60-80 minutes and the physical effort of several crew who have to hand carry them?

Drive 240 stakes an hour instead of the perhaps 80 to 100 stakes an hour you’re driving now?

Pull stakes at 220/hour with single operator rather than the 60/hour you may be pulling now with more effort and more people

Push a center pole for a 60-wide tent or larger with three or four people instead of six or seven?

Pull Keder panels on your 20- or 30-meter clearspan in a minute or less with a single operator instead of three or four?

Tent OX System accelerates all of these tasks! Throughout every step in your process, from start to finish, you will use fewer people and take less time to complete the job. One of our customers told us, “Tent OX System is the most productive crew member we have.” The end result is higher profit from each job.

Jason LeBourdais with Lewiston & Auburn Tent

Jason LeBourdais with Lewiston & Auburn Tent of Maine, installing 60 wide during commencement season

Real-world cost-cutting 

Based upon data that we have collected directly from commercial tent rental businesses like yours, we know that Tent OX System provides labor savings of between $7,000 and $15,000 in the first year depending on the size of the company. That cash flow increases by about 20% in years two and three as businesses start to use the Tent OX System for more tasks throughout the install process, especially material handling, which traditionally chews up a lot of time and crew effort at the beginning of an install. In a large job where multiple trucks are involved, two crew members and the Tent OX System arrives at the tent site ahead of the rest of the crew to move materials off the truck, move them to the tent site and lay out the stakes. This simple logistical adjustment substantially reduces total crew hours on the site, job after job.



All Occasions Event RentalAll Occasions Event Rental of Cincinnati, Ohio took delivery of a Tent OX system and used it for the first time at an annual install they’d been doing for years. They completed the job in half the time, saving a total of 24 man hours. That’s an indisputable cost-savings on one job alone! Director of Event Services Tommy Wilson sums up the impact of Tent OX System like this: “If you’re serious about solving your business’s struggle to find qualified labor, stop wasting money on half-solutions and seriously consider Tent OX System.”

All Occasions Event Rental

All Occasions Rental of Cincinnati moving concrete ballast across turf for structure installation with an articulated loader and OX Fork




Are you ready to start making more money on each commercial tent installation? Break through the labor barrier with Tent OX! Let us tell you more.

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