Tent OX Appoints Andy Mattrick Company President

MECHANICSBURG, PA. May 20, 2024 – Tent OX LLC has promoted Andy Mattrick as the company’s new president. The appointment solidifies a management shift that began two years ago when he joined the company as general manager. As president, he will drive all business strategies, sales, staffing and administration.

Mattrick takes the helm as Tent OX continues to build on its position as the premier labor-saving vendor in the commercial tent and event rental sector of the rental industry. He has accepted an equity stake in the company.

Outgoing company president and founder Scott Woodruff announced the change in leadership. After having transformed the commercial tent rental industry with his Tent OX system across North America, he is now retired. He retains a majority stake in the company and remains a well-known friend of the tent rental community.

Mattrick’s appointment comes on the heels of his success in furthering the company’s penetration of the middle and upper segment of the commercial tent rental sector, this despite a continuing post-Covid downturn in industry revenues.

“When I brought Andy on board in 2021 as Tent OX General Manager after his 16-year career with Event Central, it was with the expectation that he would take over the reins of the business,” said Woodruff, who remains CEO. “He has performed in an outstanding manner, and in his new role as company president, he is empowered to take the company into the future.”

Fran Smith appointed Administrative Director

In a related matter, Mattrick has appointed Fran Smith as Administrative Director. She too has taken an equity stake in the company. “I relied on Fran’s organizational and logistical talents during the years we worked together at Event Central.” Mattrick said.  “I was happy that she agreed to join Tent OX early in 2023. She is a key resource, along with the rest of our core team, as the company expands its business opportunities.”

About Tent OX

In 2014, commercial tent and event industry veteran Scott Woodruff invented and developed the Tent OX System to mechanize labor-intensive tasks and dramatically cut the cost of putting up commercial tents. Tent OX slashes installation times by as much as 50%, reduces crew members on the job site and improves employee retention in a sector of the rental industry that has long struggled to attract needed labor. Several hundred tent and event rental companies across the US and Canada now harness Tent OX hydraulic power to move materials from truck to tent site, drive and pull stakes, install roof panels and more. Crews are freed to work on tasks that only humans can do, like measuring, positioning tent parts and materials, lacing side panels, hanging doors and installing lighting.