5 Ways Tent OX™ is Seriously Disrupting the Tent Rental Business

Tent rental installed the old-fashioned way

Tent rental installed the old-fashioned way.

Tent Rental Business Professionals who see Tent OX running for the first time ask lots of questions about how fast it is and how it saves labor hours, but they never ask why we designed it. That’s because the impact it has on seriously disrupting the tent rental business is easy to see when it is driving stakes two or three times faster than average or speeding tent materials from truck to tent site.

But for those of you who haven’t seen Tent OX in action, consider this: commercial tents are being innovated to new heights every year. Meanwhile, the process of putting up and taking down a commercial-class tent hasn’t changed much in decades! When you think about it, hand-held powered stake drivers, powered stake pullers and forklifts were introduced years ago, but beyond that, no further  technology improvements have been introduced. Some processes, like pushing poles manually (take a look at the poor guys struggling with the old school approach to pushing a center pole), haven’t changed in centuries. A little positive disruption was in order!

One of the most labor-intensive processes tent rental companies have gotten used to is making one trip at a time moving tents, chairs, flooring and more to the site. What if you used Tent OX instead for moving materials and completing the rest of the tent rental tasks more efficiently? The changes would be dramatic: chopping hours off on-site time, getting crews home earlier and opening up enough extra hours in the day to take on additional client jobs! That’s the kind of disruption anyone can embrace.

That’s why we designed and manufactured Tent OX. It comes in the form of a small, but mighty articulated loader with a host of truly innovative attachments that are designed and built right here in the United States. Here are five ways Tent OX is seriously disrupting the tent rental business.

  1. You can install more tents. Customers tell us they complete jobs 25% – 35% faster, drive stakes faster and pull stakes faster. “The Tent OX enables us to send half the guys to a job site while still getting the work done in the same amount of time.” – Michael Linton, President of Michael’s Party Rentals
  2. You’ll spend less time on site. Tent OX moves faster and cuts hand labor, goes where bigger, heavier machines aren’t allowed, like lawns and other delicate surfaces. “We still send the same number of crew to a job, but we go full force and move on to the next one in a fraction of the time. The Tent OX allows us to complete two or three jobs in a day!” – Paul Perry, Co-Owner of Canvas Unlimited
  3. Your crews will be happier. Tent OX eliminates most of the truly demanding aspects of physical labor, whether you’re talking about hand-carries to the tent site, stake driving or pushing center poles, so burnout is substantially reduced. Your crew members are not only fresher at the end of today, but more likely to return tomorrow and the next day. “Last Fall we saved around $8,000 in temporary labor costs alone. Morale is up too, because Tent OX does so much of the hard physical work.” – Sean McCarthy, president of McCarthy Tents and Events
  4. Your customers will be happier. Unlike larger machines, Tent OX’s oversized turf tires are gentle on lawns, allowing it to work on pristine properties with minimal damage. “Tent OX is one of the smoothest moving machines I have seen. It’s changed the way we load and transport materials and allows us to drive in areas we couldn’t before for fear of causing damage.”- Adam Ghrist, Co-Owner of Windswept Entertainment and Events
  5. You’ll post higher revenue and profits. Break through your company’s profit ceiling with Tent OX. “Every year we increase sales by 10-12% and the Tent OX has played an important role in that.” – Steven Eisenstein, President and CEO of Classic Tents & Events

Simply put, Tent OX is the first and only complete solution for mechanizing the most physically difficult and time-consuming parts of the job. This technology is breaking through the old limitations and barriers that were preventing tent installs from being as innovative and up to date as the tents themselves. Businesses are finding new ways to incorporate Tent OX into their daily operations, year-round. Now the only limitation is your own creativity!

Want to learn more about what Tent OX could do for your business? Let’s talk!