24/7 Events Uses Tent OX to Save 24 Man Hours on First Job

How customers use Tent OX

“The power and efficiency of the Tent OX still amazes me on every single job we take it to. Not only does it save time, it keeps the crew fresher so they’re able to put in full, productive days,”

Robert Cruikshank, President

large structure tent erected by 24/7 events in California


In 2002, Robert Cruikshank purchased A-1 Rentals, with the idea and inspiration to take it to the next level. From a small lot in Palmdale, California, Robert grew both the business and the brand into a leading event rental and service company.

Now known as 24/7 Events, they primarily serve the Southern California region but have gone as far north as Sacramento, as far south as San Diego and as far East as Las Vegas. The business runs out of a state-of-the-art 28,000 square foot warehouse with about 25 employees.


24/7 Events works exclusively with frame tents and structures. One of the biggest challenges they faced was the increasing number of job sites that would not allow stakes to be driven into the asphalt of their parking lots.

“We put up a lot of tents on parking lots. We have to anchor many tents using ballast weights. This means we have to transport a lot of concrete, requiring big equipment and a fleet of trucks to carry the equipment. And, we need the manpower to move everything around.”


The very first job at which 24/7 Events used the Tent OX was a 50- foot by 220-foot structure. They sent an advance crew with two guys, stakes and a palette of base plates. In two hours they had 80 stakes in before the rest of the crew arrived. This saved at least 24 man hours and a ton of back-breaking labor.

The savings realized on first job was just the beginning of a trend toward improved overall crew efficiency that can have bottom-line benefits. Since then, 24/7 Events has seen Tent OX deliver similar savings on every job.