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Tent OX ™ Nearly Pays for Itself in One Job with AAble Rents

AAble RentsAAble Rents is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio and primarily serves corporate events as well as high-end weddings and festivals. During peak season, the business installs up to 225 tents a weekend while employing as many as 109 staff who cover jobs within a 200-mile radius. AAble Rents carries a broad inventory of tents including clearspan structures from 10m all the way up to 25m, high peak tents up to 80’, sailcloth up to 51’ and an array of frame tents.

AAble Rents 2CEO and owner Ramsey Duqum explains one of AAble Rents’ biggest challenges, “Everyone in our industry faces the same challenge, regardless of region, size or specialty, and that’s finding and subsequently retaining enough labor. We also believe it’s important to focus on creating a better work-life balance for our employees, so we started exploring any and all options to improve operational efficiencies.”

 The Perfect Marriage of Form and Function

AAble RentsHaving just come off a year of tremendous growth that also stretched the labor limits of his crews, Duqum began scouring the internet for anything he thought could be added to AAble Rents’ operation to mechanize some of the most labor-intensive tasks. When he came across a Tent OX video on YouTube, he immediately knew it was the solution he had been looking for.

“I remember calling my brother/business partner over to come look at the video of the Tent OX in action,” recalls Duqum. “I was so excited to find something that theoretically was the perfect marriage of form and function.”

In spring 2015, AAble Rent became the proud new owner of a Tent OX system comprised of a model 528 loader, OX Puller, OX Driver, OX Hook, OX Push and a bucket attachment. Duqum was impressed with how Tent OX Owner Scott Woodruff never tried to hard-sell him. Instead, Woodruff spoke from a tent owner’s perspective and conveyed valuable information, rather than a sales pitch.

“Scott set us up for success by managing our expectations, which the Tent OX has only ever exceeded,” explains Duqum. “Admittedly, I’m very critical of products because we have to live with them every day. But candidly I have a machine-crush on the Tent OX.”

Tent OX Earns its Keep with a Single Job

AAble Rents 1

It was Friday of Memorial Day weekend 2015, and AAble Rents was slammed with a full roster of jobs. Duqum got a call at 2:30 pm from a company saying it needed an 80’x120’ tent put up the very next day in Southern Ohio. Cost was no issue, but it had to be done ASAP. Knowing he couldn’t ask any more of his crew at that time, he pulled in his brother, two volunteer helpers and the Tent OX System and hit the road at 6am Saturday. A job they would never would have dreamed of taking on prior to the Tent OX System was successfully completed, and it paid nearly half of AAble Rents’ investment in the system! In 2019 they added the small 225 loader based Tent OX System to jobs to enhance their installation capacity.

Duqum sums up the impact of the Tent OX this way: “The Tent OX cuts our labor every single day. It helps our crew save energy to get through the entire week and it makes their days far more reasonable.”

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