Tent OX™ is All Occasions Event Rental’s Low-Maintenance Way to Reduce Labor

How customers use Tent OX

“If you’re serious about solving the struggle to find qualified labor, stop wasting money on half solutions and consider the Tent OX.”

Tommy WilsonDirector of Event Services

Tent OX System with 500 series Avant machine at All Occasions Ohio


Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, All Occasions Event Rental serves a 100-150-mile radius and employs 46 full time staff.

“We aren’t a huge company, but we still pride ourselves on doing things efficiently,” explains Tommy Wilson, Director of Event Services. “I just knew there had to be something out there that would reduce the need for so much back-breaking labor.”


All Occasions carries a high-end inventory of sailcloth tents up to 57’ wide, high peak tents up to 80’ wide and structures up to 25 meters.

Finding qualified labor was a challenge the firm faced that also dominates the event rental industry. Stake driving was a time-consuming headache, as was moving materials from truck to tent site. All Occasions solved these challenges with a Tent OX System.


Doing the same job in half the time. Tent OX allowed them to cut a full 24 man-hours of work off a single install.

Outperformed former solutions. Other machines required much costlier maintenance and didn’t run as efficiently as a Tent OX System.

We’ve put 400 hours on the Tent OX in the last two years and have had to make absolutely no repairs so far. It’s a beast!” Wilson says.