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Tent OX™ is All Occasions Event Rental’s Low-Maintenance Way to Reduce Labor

All Occasions Event RentalBased out of Cincinnati, Ohio, All Occasions Event Rental serves a 100-150-mile radius and employs 46 full time staff. The business is comprised of about 50% corporate events with the remaining 50% split between weddings and social events. All Occasions Event Rental carries a high-end inventory of sailcloth tents up to 57’ wide, high peak tents up to 80’ wide and structures up to 25M wide.

Finding qualified labor is a challenge that seems to dominate the event rental industry – one that was, unfortunately, a thorn in the side of All Occasions too.

“We aren’t a huge company, but we still pride ourselves on doing things efficiently,” explains Tommy Wilson, Director of Event Services. “I just knew there had to be something out there that would reduce the need for so much back-breaking labor.”

Tent OX Proves Its Value for All Occasions Event Rental

Although Tommy Wilson had known Scott Woodruff, owner of Tent OX, for a few years, it wasn’t until the 2014 MATRA show that Wilson demoed the machine and Tent OX System himself. Just two weeks later, All Occasions had their very own Tent OX System comprised of an Avant 528 articulated loader and the following attachments: OX Driver, OX Puller, OX Hitch, OX Push, OX Push Pocket, OX Hitch, OX Fork, plus a snow blade to handle those harsh Cincinnati winters. All Occasions Event RentalOf all the attachments, the OX Driver is Wilson’s favorite. For All Occasions Event Rental, stake driving was a constant headache. They had purchased other machines to drive stakes, but they required a lot of maintenance and were still a notable investment at about $3,500 each. In the long run, the cost really added up and they could never match the power or reliability of the Tent OX.

Wilson is excited and surprised to share, “We’ve put 400 hours on the Tent OX in the last two years and have had to make absolutely no repairs on the machine so far. It’s a beast!”

All Occasions Event RentalTent OX Saves 24 Man Hours On a Single Job

Wilson shares a specific example of a job they completed in December of 2016. It was an annual job that required a tent to be set up on the client’s turf field. Previously, they hand-carried all of their materials out into the middle of a baseball field to avoid damaging the property with heavy equipment. However, this year, the client wanted to use concrete ballasting to secure the tent. This would have been too difficult to do with hand trucks, so they turned to the Tent OX to get the job done. The results were astounding! All Occasions completed the same job in half the time, saving 24 man hours. That’s a significant cost-savings on one job alone!

Wilson sums up the impact of the Tent OX in one sentence: “If you’re serious about solving your business’s struggle to find qualified labor, stop wasting money on half-solutions and seriously consider the Tent OX.”

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