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Tent OX™ Helps BC Tent and Awning Co. Get to Next Level for a Fraction of the Cost

BC Tent and AwningBC Tent and Awning Co., Inc. started back in 1980 with President and CEO Bob Costa and a single tent, operating out of his father’s garage. Since then Costa has grown his Avon, Massachusetts-based business into a premiere event rental company, managing more than a half million square feet of tents.

As the business grew, BC Tent and Awning Co., Inc. faced challenges that threatened further expansion. Two key issues: they needed a better way to move cement blocks from truck to tent and they wanted better mechanization that would allow them to take on more jobs without hiring additional crew.

“We were ready to grow to the next level, but not ready to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in machines, fleet and licenses to get there,” explains Costa, “What we needed was a light, compact machine that was versatile and didn’t require a special license to operate. Then we heard about the Tent OX.”

BC Tent and Awning: Decreasing Burnout While Increasing Productivity

In Spring 2015, BC Tent received its Tent OX System, comprised of an Avant loader and tent and event-specific attachments. Immediately, the company saw major labor benefits. Tent OX was mechanizing the most physically demanding tasks, and the crew was both fresher and more productive. BC Tents was able to reduce their install time by about 25%!

The Tent OX is also a multi-season, multi-use system. BC Tent used it to spread stone, move things out of the way during the recently completed building project and plow snow, which is an added cost-savings by no longer needing to outsource this labor.

“In addition to improving our labor,” says owner Bob Costa, “Tent OX has made a difference to nearly every aspect of our day-to-day operations, streamlining everything from how we store and move our inventory to the type of fleet we use.”

Growing the Business without Breaking the Bank

BC Tents avoided making a substantially larger investment to solve their business challenges by investing in Tent OX. For instance, they would have had to purchase larger and more cumbersome machines, add a tractor trailer to their fleet for hauling, and hire CDL drivers to operate everything.

“Our biggest problem now is that we’re going to need more Tent OX Systems,” says Costa. “The guys have a hard time deciding who will get to take the Tent OX System for the day!”

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