Blood’s Catering Makes Up for a Gap in Labor with Tent OX ™

How customers use Tent OX

“I never have to worry about my crew overloading their schedule anymore. I can take on those extra jobs because I know I have Tent OX.”

Brendon Blood President

Blood's Catering


Blood’s Catering and Party Rentals is a third-generation family-owned business founded in 1947.

They employ a full-time crew of 25 people, but rely heavily upon additional college students in Summer.

But Blood’s struggles to find enough labor to keep up with its in Spring and Fall jobs.


Brendon Blood, company president, explains, “There was a time when we had to turn down jobs due to a lack of labor. My crew would dread seeing a big job on the schedule, knowing it would require a day’s worth of back-breaking work.”

At the 2016 ARA Rental Show in February, Brendon sat in a Tent OX for the first time. As he considered the productivity advantages that Tent OX could deliver, he concluded that if the Tent OX could do the work of just two employees, it was an investment that would easily pay for itself.


By April, Blood’s had their very own Tent OX System, with an Avant model 528 and a suite of attachments including the OX Fork, OX Puller and OX Driver. Within a year, productivity climbed substantially, allowing the company to take on more work and enhance revenue.

“That Fall, Tent OX System allowed us to take on two weddings in the same day, each requiring the setup of a 60-wide tent,” Brandon says. “Never before could we have pulled that off.”